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Additional Details
someone has told me they strap them down :( please ...

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 does prednisone cause high blood presure?
i recived a shot of prednisone today for inflimation in my neck and chest,also started on 6 daye of medrol,i have high blood presure and take atenolol for presure,woke up with my head throbbing,check ...

 Why has Heart Disease has been the number one killer in the US for decades, without decrease?
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 Can marijuana mess with heart rates?
I have been smoking marijuana for years and I am high pretty much allday... Lately I have been having heart flutters and palpitations, I am going to see my doctor on Monday but I am still worried. I...

 can someone die from really low blood pressure?
my mom (a doctor) said you can't, is she wrong? if you can't die from extremely low blood pressure, what is the worst case scenario of what would happen to you?...

 what is a 12 lead ECG?

 what are the causes of palputations of the heart?

Kenny Bania
Can drinking too much alcohol cause your liver to produce more cholesterol?

Razwell R
Cholesterol does NOT cause coronary artery disease.

Alcohol is bad for you for OTHER REASONS

Not too sure about this, but it is quite probable, as cholesterol could be produced in an effort to repair damage caused by alcohol. This link indicates that alcohol actually interferes with cholesterol's functioning, which also could cause an increase in cholesterol production.
Let's say that alcohol does raise cholesterol production. That would mean an alcoholic could theoretically have cirrhosis, and elevated cholesterol. Would that mean that the cholesterol is the cause of the cirrhosis?

On the other hand a damaged liver may produce less cholesterol.

@ ckm1956, can you actually produce any science to back up your claims?

Charles R
Alcohol raises your cholesterol and believe it or not your blood sugar. It can also pickle your liver by causing liver cancer. Binge drinking on weekends can be worse than drinking a single glass of wine everyday.

No it doesn't. Ignore Razwell. He wouldn't know legitimate science if he saw it.

Razwell R
Ignore ck 1956 He refuses to accept that the Cholesterol Hypothesis of coronary artery disease is a complete SHAM

Alcohol is NOT good for you . It might not necessaruily raise cholesterol but alcohol is BAD for you and VERY health damaging

it HARMS your liver.

And even if it did raise cholesterol this would NOT matter because


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