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 Is a 101 systolic blood pressure high?

 why does old old incision open?
gallbladder 37 yrs ago now opening at stab would and pain and lump beside it....had cancer of breast and ...

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 Does everyone with a bicuspid aortic valve need heart surgery to live a long healthy life?
title asks it all, please answer I'm freaked out big time because i have this D:...

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I smoked a joint last night, i only had 5 hits of it. Am i at any risk of a heart attack. I am 19 years old and a non smoker. Will i be ok.

Also, can you have a heart attack by just ...

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i went to the doctor and they said i have subaortic membrane in my heart can i play soccer as long as i want will playing soccer damage my heart or cause a heart attack what do u guys ...

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I have experienced extra beats for several years now, off and on, but I have noticed that since I've been on synthroid for hypothyroidism, they weird sensations have been worse over time and ...

 What the heck could be going on?
few weeks ago I made a post about possibly having a heart attack. After describing all the symptoms, the group, including Dr's stated I did indeed have a heart attack and should have gone to the ...

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...diet change-what should he eat
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 information on heart ultrasound tech?
im 15 and im intrested in that stuff. does anyone have information on going to school for it or infermation about the job, anything?...

 Racing heart the morning after drinking alcohol?
Is it normal to wake up from a night of heavy drinking to your heart racing in the morning? More often than not (including right now), when I wake up in the morning after consuming a lot of alcohol, ...

 ATHEROSCLEROSIS?? signs and symptoms?
this is when a person has an increased number of muscle cells and fatty tissue in the artery walls. it can cause hypertension and coronary artery disease. Do you know someone who has this? if so what ...

 What are the answers to American Heart NIH stroke scale test C 2010?

 does the general anesthesia w/ oral surgery make your heart race?
I have been diagnosed with Sinus Tachycardia and i am having oral surgery in a couple of days. I was wondering, since i will be having general anesthesia, if the anesthesia will make my heart race? T...

 What is causing a fast heart rate and shakiness while I sleep?
I'm a 22 year old female with supraventricular tachycardia. For the past 4 nights, either before I go to bed or when I wake up, my heart is fluttering and I feel shaky/weak. This has never ...

 Blood pressure treatment? norvasc? micardis?
Hey guys im 25 years old, I have blood pressure, I'm currently on a micardis 40, and a norvasc 2.5 (half of a 5 tablet). The doctor has recommended that i get off my norvasc, because there ...

 my heart rate is about 100-110 for hours after eating?
Is this normal?
Additional Details
Normal food i guess. It's probably all the salt. Pizza, bagel, salads stuff like ...

 basiler artery and left verebral artery occulsion?
dec.28 ,2009 i had a stroke .had another one in feb.20-2010, another one mar.25-2010.than they found i had a complete basiler artery and left verebral artery occulsion nothing anybody can do i had a ...

Can defibrillator kills a person with Cochlear Implant?
That included with if anyone has any metal in their bodies.
So I know there is lot of fluid in your body but if you have Cochlear in head and you fell down on the floor the EMS came over try to save your life and start using defibrillator. So, will defibrillator kills you if you have Cochlear Implant?
Additional Details
I don't know if this is the right place for me to ask a question.


You can defibrillate a person with a pacemaker - the leads fort a pacemaker are directly into the heart so CI leads shouldn't be a problem.

It goes without saying that any implant that contains metal is a risk during defibrillation. The question posed by you is really good one and not a simple one as it sounds. I give two extracts and leave the judgement to others:

1) "The patient has achieved limited open-set word comprehension and significantly improved speech, as is expected for her age. Although the patient had no problems with cardiac arrhythmias at surgery, she has since experienced a syncopal episode requiring placement of an automatic pacemaker and defibrillator. The implant has continued to work well despite the pacemaker and defibrillator." Full case report at: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11140992

2)What are the Risks of Cochlear Implants?

# May not be able to have some medical examinations and treatments. These treatments include:

* MRI imaging. MRI is becoming a more routine diagnostic method for early detection of medical problems. Even being close to an MRI imaging unit will be dangerous because it may dislodge the implant or demagnetize its internal magnet. FDA has approved some implants, however, for some types of MRI studies done under controlled conditions.
* neurostimulation.
* electrical surgery.
* electroconvulsive therapy.
* ionic radiation therapy.
No mention of defibrillation in this list. Refer:

I rest my case.

If EMS is using a defibrillator on you, you are technically dead. The pads are placed over your heart, and sends a shock to actually stop and restart your heart.

the cook
I am sure if you have all that metal in your body it could kill you if they would use the defibrillator on you. I would never want that in my body if I ever became deaf.

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