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 After a fairly severe heart attack, the ECG reveals normal sinus rhythm, but only for the P wave. The QRS and?
please help me out
thank you
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the whole question is
After a fairly severe heart attack, the ECG reveals normal sinus rhythm, but only for the P wave. The QRS ...

 do u know how to start CPR..........?
and how old are u
i am 13 and yes i do know ...

 Is my blood pressure too low?
I had my blood pressure taken in a class and it read 97/56.
after i exercised it went up to 115/65
I am 16.

Is this too low? I've never fainted or even felt very faint ever.<...

 Can a person with congestive heart failure get a heart transplant at age 76?
76 year old person with 15% functioning heart & defribrillator - seems a heart transplant would be a good option but the doctors say no. Why?
Additional Details
Wow, so this is all ...

 What is the difference between cardiac tamponade and pericardial friction rub.?
How do they relate to the amount of pericardial fluid?...

 Pain in the heart...?
i'm seriously worried becoz for an hour i'm feelin excruciating pain in my heart and feel sick. I don't think i ate something that made this happen... can anyone tell me what i should ...

 Mom had triple bypass surgery 3 years. She's70lbs overweight with high blood pressure. She's 74 years old
I've begged her to take care of herself by dieting and exercising. She is just plain lazy. How much longer do you think she has to live?...

 what is blood pressure ? what are the demerits of this disease ?

 Couldn't get lead wires in during Pacemaker surgery?
My Dad, 78, had triple bypass last May, 2009. Yesterday they attempted pacemaker surgery on him, and after six hours they could not get the lead wire into the left side of his heart. They wanted to ...

 Diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol have me in a quandary. What am I allowed to eat? Recipes?
It's one thing to have one of these, but to have all three at the same time makes it difficult to select food to eat. I will be most grateful for help and tips from anyone who has walked this ...

 Why would a triathelete have a heart attack?
My uncle had a massive heart attack at the age of 58. He was very healthy but I still dont understand why he had a heart attack?...

 my heart hurts im only 24. went to hospital. got ekg, an chest x ray. all normal.?
only hurts in morning 4 about first 2 minutes awake then pain goes away been going on 4 about a year what could it b?...

 Chest Pain Loast and in bad Pain?
Hi Stephen here I been having chest pain ever since last thursday night. I was Admitted on Friday for chest pain and High Blood Pressure. They did several ekg's on me while I was at the hospital ...

 Has anyone heard of Amoxacillin giving Heart Palpitations?
I don't know why but recently I have been taking Amoxacillin and now am having heart Palpitations (irregular heart beats.) Does anyone know if they could be linked? I am a little worried about ...

 I am a 56 yr. old woman in good health. Tonite, while watching a movie,?
I had sharp squeezing pains in my chest which moved up to my lower jaw. Then both hands became numb. This lasted about 5 minutes or so, then went away. Should I consult a cardiologist?...

 what kind of pain do you get in your arm if you have a heart problem???
I just went bowling and I bowl with my right hand. When I was finished, my left arm started to throb with a dull pain shooting down from the middle of my tricep to my pinky. and there is sort of a ...

 Was my blood pressure too high today? How much higher was it than it's supposed to be?
Well today I had a doctor's appt (just a small checkup for something) and when the nurse took my blood pressure, she took it twice because she said it was "A little high".


 how can i tell if i am having a heart attack?
well i work manual labor tightenening pipe with big wrenches,using channel locks ,and both arms have been pretty painful. with that being sad my father died of a heart attack at fifty two. now i am ...

 Is it possible for a 28 year old to have a heart attack?
I have been experiencing chest pains off and on for a while now...
Additional Details
my symptoms come and go and don't last very ...

 My heart hurts sometimes :S ?
i'm healthy .. i'm vegetarian , but lately these past 3 weeks my heart is hurting , like someone is squeezing it
i'm thinking that maybe it's emotional pain :S but i don'...

Can blood clots be surgically removed?
I sprained my ankle 5 weeks ago. I have a few blood clots in my foot/ankle area. I am TERRIFIED that they will spread and go somewhere they shouldnt. Can I get them surgically removed? If so where?

me a medic *** astronaut
first of all everything should be done under doctors guidance . clots can be removed by medical therapy. various drugs are there which lyse those clot and make u freed of them and u can consult in any hospital or institute for it. u can get its treatment easily

I hope you're under a doctor's care. Medication (blood thinners and clot busters, a/k/a anticoagulants and thrombolytics) is usually the first line of treatment. Never massage the area where the clots are; that can cause them to break loose and travel. Go to the ER for any chest pain or shortness of breath. Again, you should be discussing this with a doctor.

Most likey you have a hematoma, which is a blood clot outside of the veins and does not usually require surgical removal or medications, they cannot travel anywhere else, and the body will self dissolve them over time. As a nurse, I do not believe you would be sent home with an acute DVT.

john e russo md facm faafp
The excision of a blood clot is called a thrombectomy. Blood clots that occur in the veins below the knee seldom propagate. Therefore they are most often treated on an out-patient basis. The treatment is most often with warfarin sodium with frequent monitoring. The duration of treatment is somewhat arbitrary but most often between 3 to 6 months. There are occasions when the blood clot will become a permanent resident of the vein. If you are under a physician's care there is no reason to be terrified. As I have stated above the blood clots that lead to problems most often originate in the deep veins above the level of the knee.

sounds like bruises, you need not remove it surgically, it will go itself by time.

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