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 i get a tingling sensation in my head then my eye sight go's bright slow heart then fast heart rate?
Im 15 whats wrong with me
Additional Details
then my eye sight go's blury and i get warm sensations and tingling thrue my leg arms i went to doctor couple of weeks ago and they said ...

 hypoglicemic episodes 7 times a day...?
Every 3 hours after a meal i get this episodes with shaking, dizziness, sleepiness, sweting and hot flashes.
So, i have to eat, and when i eat i feelnauseatedd.
It even wakes me up in the ...

 how is heart rate and breathing rate are controlled?

 Is it normal to feel your heart beating in your back?

 Are my blood cells sickle cells?

I had two blood tests recently, and one of them was thorough. Also if I had diabetes will the doctor check if I had it from a simple blood test?<...

 missed heartbeats are they serios?
when i havent had a good sleep i get missed heartbeats quite ...

 parts of heart and its function?

 Any information on Passing Drug Test?

 I am using Propanalol 40mg tablets (Inderal 40mg)...?
I am working in Saudi Arabia. But here now Propanalol tablets is not availabe. I need to use daily. What is the alternative way? what is the equivalent medicine? Please help me. I have Mitra valve ...

 Which medicine is better as you think Atenolol or diltiazem ? Which time is better to take the madication .?
My age is 48. Doctor firstly prescribed lossartan potassium 50+Diltiazem 90 (morning+bedtime). Now he given lossartan potassium 50+ atenolol 50 (morning+bedtime). Which combination is good ? Or any ...

 Blood pressure 133/78 - is this ok? I'm not sure how it is read.?
Is my blood pressure normal? I am female, average build....

 My heart or my mind ?
I love someone a lot , but he travelled somewhere far away .
My parents friends wants me to get ingaged to their son .. But I'm not sure if he really loves me , how could really know if ...

 what is "dilated aortic root at 3.5cm?

 which behaviors reduce the risk of heart disease?
i need to find out which behaviors reduce the risk of heart ...

 what is the survival rate for open heart surgery?

 what can be done for an calcified inferior vena cava ?
my doctors think it is a thrombus,but not sure yet..they see a shadow but don,t know exactly what it is .. they also said it is a birth defect .if it is a clot can it move and go to my heart and kill ...

 Is Ectopia Cordia a cardiovascular disease?
I need to do a project on a cardiovascular disease for my Anatomy class and i just need to confirm that this is a disease. could you please let me know? thanks....

 is a blood pressure of 155/101 high?
I am 15 years old and that is my blood pressure. Is this good, bad, normal?...

 Do you know any information regarding Strokes?
My father had a stroke, but he is in Thailand, and I live in California.
All I know is they said it was mild, a 1.2cm bleed, but he cannot move or feel his right side.
That doesn't ...

 Please help with advice or tips on my rare panick attacks with things being stuck?
Hi, I suffer from panick attacks, they don't just come on unexpectedly. They come when i feel threathened, or in a situation that i cannot control. I have phobias. Yes i seen and am seeing a ...

Jayleens Mommy
Blood pressure of 160/102 high?
My dad recently got his bp checked and it was 160/102 hes 48 years old, i know that high. Right? What foods should he eat/or avoid? How can he lower his bp?

Burqerbabe ...she so cool.
Well he really needs to watch his sodium intake.... he need to make some serious life modifications *quit smoken stay away from alcohol ect* that bp sounds like a stroke waiting to happen!

Latoyia Dennis
Here i s an excellent site with some wonderful options for you. It will definitely help you. Have a look. http://webmd42.notlong.comAAsyRYm

Your father should see a doctor. That blood pressure reading is high and puts him at increased risk of stroke and heart attack. There is no one here on this forum that can substitute his doctor's advice.

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