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 69yr old mum told she only has 13% heart working?
does anyone know if you can live with heart failure and a maximum capacity of 13%........My beautiful mum was told this news yesterday and is now very, very scared as are we. She just had a quadruple ...

 actually this occurs when I'm tired or stress!!! its hard for me to breath well?
and my heart feels like vibrating inside,, that also let me weak,, and hard for me to breath!!! I noticed this when I was so tired , especially yesterday that I attended my training on martial arts....

 Is my heart beating too fast?
It's beating like 12 times in 10 seconds I think, is this normal??...

 Why does sodium worsen/create high blood pressure?
I know what it does in the body as in water retaining and constricting of capillaries, but in a somewhat chemistry way, why does it do that in the body?...

 Coconut and Palm oil are saturated fats from plant sources but do not raise LDL cholesterol?
levels like animals (part of the question)

is this true?...

 i need help with meds. (beta blockers)?
i am seeing that beta blockers can interfere with the absorption of the dessicated thyroid. do you know of any alternatives such as natural or herbs,or prescriptions that can aid in controlling the ...

 Can a person with a pacemaker on on the Lemon cleanse?
My husband and I wanted to go on the popular Lemon and cayenne pepper cleanse, however, my husband (22) has a pacemaker so was wondering if that would have any negative effects on him.


 If a person performs a more streneous work without any health complications then is he out of risk?
I am experiencing rapid and heavy heart beats (palpitations) which lasts for around 20 or 30 seconds and then dies down the beats are so intense that my hand tremble in accordance with the rythem foe ...

 Did i just have a Heart attack?
Hi, I'm a 18 year old male and in very good shape. Just over an hour ago as i was jogging,i suddenly felt really out of breath and had to stop. I could fell my pulse in the back of my throat, ...

 what heart disease could this be?
i have this problem but not sure. when i run say 100m sprint i run for about 50m but suddenly i lose control of my body and i need to stop, i thought it had something to do with my heart not pumping ...

 why does my heart pump so slow.?
for the past few days, ive been going to sleep and my heart is pumping very slow. It feels like if I go to sleep im not going to wake back up. So now im afraid to sleep. Because I dont want to die. W...

 should i goto the docter for heart problems?
well lately i have been feeling my heart beat i did it randomly because i saw a heart disease ad on tv, and some times my heart beats really fast or sometimes i can barley feel my heart. sometimes ...

 episodes of chest pains and elevated blood pressure?
I am 42 year old female. For a few years I have episodes that start as feeling kind of shaky, flush, then get quick extreme pains in left side of chest that shoots thru neck, shoulder and back. My ...

 Hello, does anyone know what a doctor that specializes in hypertension is called?

 What could happen if you were to suddenly stop taking Florinef after taking it for 2yrs?

 Should I go to the doctors?
Okay so I am a teenager who gets bad headaches a lot ans I am ALWAYS wicked dizzy, and I faint sometimes and I get SUPER dizzy a lot. So I have two questions:
1. What do you think is wrong?

 Husband has pain in hips and groin after pelvic angiogram.?
He had it done last Friday and now says he has a burning feeling when urinating. Should we be concerned?...

 Please help I keep getting weird heart beats?
Hey everyone,
Ok well this si really annoying because it is really hard to explain what is happening. The best way I can explain my heart beats is every minute or so I get like this weird heart ...

 Is high cholesterol hereditary?
Most people in my family die of a high cholesterol complication, like heart attack, stroke, liver failure, and a brain tumor (which I don't know if that has anything to do with cholesterol or ...

 Heart Rate Question.......?
Yesterday, I measured my heart rate as 51/60 first thing in the morning. I ate a lot, too, about 1800 calories. I exercised for about an hour.

Also, I went up to a very high elevation ...

Ashley S
Blood pressure at 138/98?
I'm 20 years old, female, about 5' 7", and about 145 lbs. My blood pressure is 138/98. Is that high? It sounds high to me... Should I worry about this? There is a history of high blood pressure in my immediate family (my dad), but I have no idea what is high and what is normal... All I know is that the Red Cross lady who took my blood pressure before I donated said it was 138/98.... I figure she would have told me if that was bad, but it sounds high to me! I wasn't nervous or anything, I give blood all the time, so I know it wasn't just my heart racing because I was afraid of the needle or something... I checked my own pulse later, and I got 74 beats per minute...

Is this all normal?


It's high for your age, but your local doctor will usually take your blood pressure three times before diagnosing high blood pressure, because, although you might not have felt nervous, your blood pressure can rise before you are aware of it.

renea angela
138/98 is high.If you know that in your family history have high blood pression,start use less salt. And remember that is for your father and you. When you think the blood pression is high, Take the lemon juice,with not sugar , and not water, only the juice(fruit not bottle)your prssion will go down around 10 minutes. Is the secret of the lemon help the high blood pression. Help my grandmother a lot

I would be concerned about it. I think normal is usually 130/70 or thereabouts. The bottom number (98) seems high to me.

billy b
You should probably go to the doctor and get it checked out. the over 98 is most dangerous.

ask you doctor about a beta blocker generic name is
nadolol 20mg.
it will keep your bp under 120/65 with no side effects
look it up on the internet.
works great for me
74 beats per min is a little fast for a resting heart beat

gangadharan nair
You have got Stage 1 Hypertension. Your diastolic blood pressure is high. The pulse rate is normal.
The normal pulse rate of a person (resting) is 60-100 beats per minute.
Follow-up recommended: Confirm in two months; one BP medication; change lifestyle.
Control your hypertension by diet, exercise and drugs.

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