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 Doctors underestimate me..?
Doctors underestimate me..?
I'm tired of being underestimated by doctors!

- I have a family history of coronary heart disease and hypertension.
- I tend to have very high L...

 How do I deal w/ this?
My brother and Grandfather were taken into hospital 2 days ago both at the same time. They live in California and I'm in the UK. My brother has Chrons Disease and is going to have surgery ...

 omega-3 and lower bad cholesterol?
what foods provide omega-3 and healthy cholesterol (please don't say fish!)?...

 im 18 is it a heart attack?
i got a weird tingle feeling in my left arm i just gave myself a panic attack over it i think or it was just a passing heart attack??? or am i having a heart attack my heart doesnt hurt... im not ...

 BP 92/80 normal?
My BP in a doctor's office came out to be 92/80. Is this normal?
Additional Details
I have fatigue and slight chest pain and palpitations too....

 if someone died suddenly, how can I tell if it's a heart attack or stroke?

 why do you have kidneys?
I would like to know why you have kideys?please please tell me pretty please with cherry on ...

 cautious or hypochondriac?
my 6 month old son has an appointment at birmingham childrens hospital, birmingham is heaving with swine flu sufferers and there has been tragic deaths reported at the hospital. my son has chronic ...

 pain in left arm ?

 Are prawns bad for someone suffering from high cholesterol?

 my son who is 11 has blue lips, I suffer from cardiomyopathy. It is genetic. does this worry anyone?
He has had heart palpitations I just found this out. It is a Sat. and our Dr. office is closed should I be concerned and take him to the ER? I think with my medical problems I should....

 What are the symptoms of someone having a heart defect?
What are the symptoms of someone having a heart defect?...

 heart question! 10 points for best answer?
Describe in detail the route blood takes through the cardiovascular system. Begin with blood leaving the left ventricle.

Thanks =]...

 is a right bundle branch block dangerous?

Additional Details
what are the symptoms?...

 What causes high blood pressure in young people?
Im 18 years old 5'9, 125 pounds. I drink quite often, and smoke (pack a week). I went to the doctor yesterday and he said i have high blood pressure?
Im guessing its probably the smoking, ...

 My heart often skips a beat should I be concerned?

 What has he misunderstood?
An individual visits a doctor and the doctor tells them their ECG reveals a defective mitral valve and a heart murmur. What could the patient have misunderstood from the doctor when he explained the ...

 What are the sythomes of a stroke?

 which of the following is correct for a blood pressure rading of 130/80?
II. the diastolic pressure is 80
III. the blood pressure during heart contraction is 80

a) I only
b) III only
c) II and III only
d) ...

 A question about lowering blood pressure?

I have to get a physical done so I can play sports and when I checked my blood pressure last week it was 133/74 so it is kind of high right? My question is that my appt is at 10:30 on T...

At what age should you start taking an aspirin per day?
At what age should you start taking an aspirin per day? Any additional detailed information would be helpful.

about 12

L_H Qutub(Retired)
There are various recommendations regarding age of child and controversy too.
It should not be given after consulting a pediatrician.
It can be stared after the age of 5 years.
This topic will help you out:

The dosage varies depending on your child's weight:

* Children weighing less than 20 pounds should get half of a baby aspirin tablet daily. Each whole tablet contains 80 milligrams. Give half of that, or 40 milligrams. Any brand is fine, including the flavored, chewable type.
* 20 to 40 pounds - Your child should get one baby aspirin per day, or 80 milligrams.
* More than 40 pounds but less than 80 pounds - Your child should get two baby aspirins, each 80 milligrams, daily for a total daily dose of 160 milligrams.
* 80 pounds or more - Your child should get one adult aspirin, 325 milligrams, per day. It's OK to crush the pill and mix it with food. Some brands are coated to make them easier to swallow.
However Majority is not in favour unless a clear cut indication is not present.
Watch for expiry date in your child shelf.

Don't start an aspirin regimen without consulting your DR first. You could have risk factors that you are not aware of. And please NEVER give a child aspirin with talking to their pediatrician first: http://www.reyessyndrome.org/

where do these people come from on this site??? Aspirin taken on a daily basis inhibits your body's ability to form clots. This is good if you have had a heart attack, are at risk for a heart attack or stroke, or your doctor thinks it is a good idea. There are also plenty of people who should NOT take aspirin every day. Although aspirin is sold over the counter, it can have a profound effect on your body and should not be taken daily unless your doctor tells you to. Treat daily aspirin as a prescription - you wouldn't take other prescritions without your doctor telling you too, right?

Please, do not listen to these people who are self-prescribing aspirin!! They may end up with stomach ulcers, as that is a common side effect of daily aspirin use!!

Unless you are in your 30`s I would worry about it much. Aspirin helps to thin out the blood making it easier to travel over calcium build up in the veins.. I started at the age of 36 only because I smoke a little. Other than that maybe early 40`s.

Hope this helps and take care...

One aspirin a day (baby aspirin) in your early 20's would be good to protect against colon cancer and cardiac problems.

The American Heart Association recommends aspirin use for patients who've had a myocardial infarction (heart attack), unstable angina, ischemic stroke (caused by blood clot) or transient ischemic attacks (TIAs or "little strokes"), if not contraindicated. This recommendation is based on sound evidence from clinical trials showing that aspirin helps prevent the recurrence of such events as heart attack, hospitalization for recurrent angina, second strokes, etc. (secondary prevention). Studies show aspirin also helps prevent these events from occurring in people at high risk (primary prevention).

You should not start aspirin therapy without first consulting your physician. The risks and benefits of aspirin therapy vary for each person.

If you’re taking aspirin and you must undergo even a simple surgical procedure or dental extraction, you must tell the surgeon or dentist your aspirin dosage.

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