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 During my labor my blood pressure elevated to 179/110 I'm 21 and 125 pounds. It's still high, will this pass?
My blood pressure is normally 97/73. I've changed my diet! What else can I do? Will this blow over?...

 Infomation about being tired with SVT?
My Husband was just diagnoised with SVT. We go back on Monday to meet with an cardiologist. I know what SVT is, but I am am conserned about how tired he is.......anyone with SVT if you could tell ...

 in 6 weeks, cardiac pulse not found in sonography. does it indicate any abnormalities of offspring?
last period starting date 8.10.08. but as on 9.12.08, during sonography done internally, does not found any cardiac pulse. is it indicate any serious ...

 Is my cholesterol really high? Overall cholesterol of 255 (details below) ?
Is my cholesterol really bad? I am female, 29 years old, 4’11, 106 lbs. I have an overall cholesterol of 255, Trigliciryde 61, Hdl – 82 and Ldl – 161. I do not want to be on medication. The ...

 heart problems?
my doc. thinks i have heart palpitation problems, when that happens, i cant breathe...why!?! also...can i shower during an EKG?...

 Should infants get the meningitis vaccine?

 cardiac function?
How long can a person live with an ejection fraction of 10%?...

 I had acid reflux a couple dyas ago and now my heartbeat is irregular is that normal?
Its beating really fast and it just started.Is it serious or no?I am only 14 so i dont think it could be anything very serious....

 Blood pressure?

 Recently I have had an ekg that shows QRS axis of -61 with an interpretation of anterior fascicular block.?
Should I be concerned? I am 29 and have had a history of high anxiety levels, alcoholism, depression, anemia and migraines....

 does the intake of vegetable juice containing beetroot,cucumber,gourd and carrot reduce blood pressure?

 What equipments are needed for EECP treatment, and where is the source/s?

 instruction how to make a heart model out of paper?

 Is the heart a main artory!?
Is is? We have this in health and a test's coming up. just wanted to know about ...

 what does it mean when your heart is beating and then you feel 1 or 2 thumping beats in your chest?
this has been happing to me all day, it's uncomfortable and i just want to know if i should be concerned? whats wrong or going on with my heart beat?...

 From cardiology: heart exam- long tube with camera checking if arterias are narrow,invadive exam u kno name?
Its not echo,cardiac stress test,(ECG or EKG),Holter,
Sphygmomanometer, IVUS, in polish this kind of exam is called koronografia, thanks for answers !...

 "arm pain" high blood pressure?

 Has anyone had an abnormal ECG, but echocardiogram showed everything ok?
I was just wondering which is these 2 investigations is the most reliable.
Additional Details
My mum was supposed to have had 2 heart attacks (which showed on the ECG), but when she had ...

 Has anyone tried Arjun Tea for heart disorders and high BP?
i recently read about it on www.krishnaherbals.com and planetayurveda.com . heard its good, should i try , has anyone seen the results, plz ...

 what is the vioxx situation now nov '06?

Artherosclerosis, hardening of the heart walls?
I am 50 and have just been diagnosed with this even though I have been on Lipitor for ages, it seems genetically I am a wreck. Any ideas what I can expect??
Additional Details
My mother has COPD and my Father and younger brother both died suddenly from aortic rupture.

I am glad you tell people not to sleep with anyone on the 1st date . You must be a 2nd time around woman .

As far as your disease - well, we all have to die of something just don't sleep with it on the 1st date.

I come from a family that has heart disease. My grandfather died from complications of congestive heart failure at age 87(he still had a long life) and my dad just dropped dead one day(at age 75),suffering a major heart attack.His father died the same way (aged 63). My brother was diagnosed with heart failure at age 47;he smoked and this was the cause.You have hardening of the arteries,not the heart wall,which means that your arteries are clogged. Medications help with this condition,as does diet.You may eventually be placed on a blood thinner,and/or go on a daily aspirin regimen.You are going to have to carefully monitor your diet,which has to be low sodium,low cholesterol,and exercise,but not too strenuously.If your doctor deems it necessary,angioplasty to clear out as much of the artery-clogging fat will be performed.This is often an out-patient procedure these days and is quite common. Go to mywebmd.com and the website of The American Heart Association for a complete picture of what is going on with your heart,your doctor can probably steer you to some of the Heart Association's publications,or you can order them on-line.

You can still lead a pretty normal life with heart disease.

Shalom Yerushalayim ש×? ???? ??????
Go to www.drcolbert.com Don Colbert is a Christian medical doctor and nutrition expert. There are many foods you can eat to help your heart, and many foods to avoid. This website alone can help you more than all of the other websites combined. I've got some of his materials. He is very knowledgeable.

Over time your heart will become weaker. You may suffer from congestive heart failure. That doesn't mean your heart stops working. It means that it doesn't work as well. Therefore it has a harder time pumping oxygen and nutrients to your body. There are medications and devices that can help. My husband has and ICD, an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (combination pacemaker/defibrillator). The combination of the ICD and medications, monitored by his cardiologist have make it possible for him to be more comfortable. He was diagnosed with Coronary Artery Disease in 1991 at the age of 62. He has had coronary bypass surgery 4 times. With the advances of modern medicine and how well you follow your doctor's advice you should be able to live a long and satisfying life. God bless!

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