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 Rapid Resting Heart Rate in 23 yr old w/High Blood Pressure?
I want to start off by stating I've had annual EKG's which have all come back normal over the past 3 years. I'm 23 years old, and am presently on 10mg Lisonipril for treatment of ...

 my cholesterol is 231. is that too high ?

 my husband was just diag with high blood pressure & is on meds do u ever get to stop taking them?

 For those that have experienced cardiac and/or respiratory arrest, please could you tell me what it was like?

Additional Details
tim do you mean a heart attack? cardiac arrest is when the heart stops beating....

 heart beating slow.. help?
Ok yesterday at school my boyfriend's chest was hurting so he went the nurse. She said that his heart was beating slower than usual and didn't know why. She asked him if someone died ...

 Surgery or no surgery? What would you do?
Hypothetically lets say you were 30 years old and diagnosed with a major heart problem and needed a heart transplant. You are married and have 1 kid. you have two choices on what to do.


 PLEASE ANSWER!! rib heart hurt?
my mom has a pain in her heart and rib, i had it before and my dad also. We are taking her to the emergency room. Any ideas what it could be????!!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!??… Thank you and god ...

 what cause you to have a heart attack?

 what make cholesterol go down ?
what foods can i eat to make cholesterol go down ?...

 a question about heart attack history?
i have to do a project for science and i've been searching EVERYWHERE and i can't find anything about the history of heart attacks. not FAMILY history, just general history about heart ...

 high blood pressure????
is it possible to have naturally high blood pressure and tachycardia?im not overweight i dont eat alot of salt, i dont have a bad diet and im 19years old with an average bp of 180/140 and a average ...

 Should I see my doctor?? and what can be done?
My resting heart rate is 45.

Sitting BP: 97/74 HR 89
Standing BP: 95/79 HR 123

When doing cardio last week my heart rate stayed between 149 and 189. After stopping my HR ...

 doctors only??
i am 16 years old. and a healthly weight. i have a tightness in my chest and im dizzy and have a headache...i did go to the doctor for severe allergies and stuff..and i do have asthma...and anxiety ...

 I have been getting chest pains?
Lately ive been getting chest pains, started about maybe 7 months ago. It limits my breathing (kin of). I can try and take a huige deep breath, but it hurts, but i can do it. But it also hurts when i ...

 What is the exact relationship between pulse rate and systolic pressure?
There is a precise mathematical relationship between pulse rate and systolic pressure.
What is it?
Additional Details
Oh, but there is......I assure you....

 High or Low Blood Pressure?
Im 16 and my blood pressure is 116/68... is this high or low or healthy?...

 I'm having an anxiety attack over this?
I'm really scared/paranoid because all day I've had a weird feeling headache, like it almost felt like motion sickness, feeling really warm and then about 15 minutes ago my left arm started ...

 My mom is going through stress and is having random heart pains--should she go to the doctor?
My mom had her heart checked 1-2 years ago (she's 54), and all the tests came back fine. But the past several months, she has been stressed out and brokenhearted, due to my dad's behavior. S...

 Do I have a Heart disease?
my medical exam conclusion was: Disturbance of conduction right branch. (heart)

I will talk with my doctor next week about this. Meanwhile, does anyone knows if this is a heart problem? T...

 My Heart Rate Speeds Up Randomly?
I am not on any medication but my heart rate randomly speeds up and leaves me short of breath. Should i be worried??
Additional Details
It's not related to stress or anxiety....

Harriet N
Are there in the world people who can help if someone needs financial help,If need an operation and can't pay?
Need financial help to pay the expenses

pinkrosegreeneyes bluerose
No one should have to be denied healthcare or have to put it off because they can't pay. It's morally wrong!!!!!!!!!!!

Doctors without Borders

what country ? in the USA you can apply for help.

Ask at the hospital. They have a place in there for financial matters like yours. They will get you started on a health care plan. Good luck.

Try Larry King cardiac foundation too

In America, if you walk into an emergency room, regardless of your insurance status, you will have the same right to recieve treatment as anyone else. hospitals and doctore can not discrimanate based on your wallet size. you will sign a paper saying that you are responcible for your bill, but they cant do anything if you dont have the money to pay. you can go on a payment schedule and as long as you pay a dollar a month you are fine. (you have the intention to pay but dont have the means) now if you own a house, they could place alien on the house.
or try teaching hospitals, that is hospitals connected with a residency program or medical school. The care there is actually better, contradictory to what most people would think.
good luck

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