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Liam Robinson
92 resting heart rate bad?
18 years old, suffer from anxiety.

i have had about 3 pints of beer within the last 2 hours and just checked my heart rate and it's at 92 BPM resting, is this normal?

It sounds a bit high. I would say 70 to 80 would be more normal, but if you suffer from anxiety it could be higher. Not really sure what the 3 pints is all about.


Don't worry. 3 pints of beer you had will push the heart rate up naturally due to your body trying to process alcohol. Side effect of alcohol is dehydration, so have some water but don't force yourself if you can't. Eventually your heart rate will come down to normal level for your body (depending on your level of fitness and weight).

Depends on what your average is, as well as your med history. If your average resting HR on any given random moment is 92, that COULD be a sign of an underlying cardiovascular condition. You have to look at the big picture; as opposed to one isolated sign. For example, 92 bpm, combined with chronic high blood pressure, is more indicative of cariovascular disease than just an above average resting HR with no other signs and symptoms. Then of course, you would want to ask your doc for best advice.

Sarjeet S. G...
Based on the information you have given your heart rate is normal. My feeling is that it would be closer to the text book rate of 72 bpm when you are less anxious and your body is free of alcohol.

Many books have been written about heart rates. Nurses and doctors know that the heart rate is not a static number. Indeed, the heart rate fluctuates all the time and it is difficult to identify one number which is representative of the normal heart rate. Most text books cite 72 beats per minute as normal.

A heart rate of less than 60 beats per minute is called sinus bradycardia. This is considered to be low for then general public. In the hospital setting it is used as a guideline to treat. However, not everyone with sinus bradycardia needs treatment. Athletes who are very fit are often bradycardic and do not need treatment.

A heart rate of more than 100 beats per minute is called sinus tachycardia. It is present during many pathological conditions like heart failure, respiratory failure, excessive bleeding, and thyrotoxicosis. (Information of bleeding management can be found at http://healthmad.com/nursing/how-to-control-bleeding-for-nurses/ ) Sinus Tachycardia is a normal response during exercising and during fright (fight or flight response). Smoking, drinking coffee and medications like salbutamol cause the heart rate to rise.

Normal resting heart rate is 50-100, therefore 92 is perfectly normal. The average heart rate is around 75, but some people can have higher resting heart rates than others. Anxiety can increase the heart rate temporarily. Excess alcohol can lead to dehydration that can also increase the heart rate.

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