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 ECG results help please?
I recently had an ECG and my heart rate is 39 and I had no p waves, but what does no p waves mean?

I have also been getting shortness of breath, I have told my Doctor but info is bery slow,...

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 life expectancy for this person?
67 year old male, had a heart attack a couple of months ago, still lives in a-fib, has a family history of heart disease, eats pretty healthy and exercises almost daily
how dangerous is living ...

 What is the difference between a stroke and a heart attack?
Which is worse? Please don't cut and past from Web MD ok. I am not a medical student so please give me an easy to understand answer....

 should i call a doctor?
im over weight an a smoker i am 20 an i do get anxiety ! well when i was swimming i get shortness of breath oviously ... but i also got a pain in the chest near the heart area then it went away .....<...

 Is tachycardia (fast heartbeat) dangerous?
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She had a headache this morning, due to the pressure,
and she just called in a heavy, broken breathes, panting.

I had a ...

 Heart Problem-Ok so recently i've been getting these sort of "heart rushes/heart flutters" hard to describe.
when i do something i seem to get these heart rushes and im not sure what it is. it doesn't hurt and its not stopping me from doing anything. i just want to know if anyone has had similair ...

 Whats the difference between a stroke and a heart attack?
self explanatory......

 Heart feels cold and there is an irregular beat?
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 Heart attack question ?
On the BBC health web page it says that about 50% of people who have a heart attack die within 28 days.

Is this correct and is there any way of knowing which people will die ?...

 Heartburn and an elevated pulse?
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 Why does your heart rate speed up after a hot bath?

 My resting blood pressure today was 113/58 and my pulse was 103. Is this normal?
I am a 24-year-old white female and am in average shape if this helps.
Additional Details
Thanks for all the answers. They have been helpful. I have palpitations a lot also. So I ...

 My 85 year old father is in the hospital because his kidneys are shutting down. What should we expect?
What can we do? Thank you in advance for your answers....

25year old female and blood pressure at 150/90! Should I freak out?
Im 5-8 I weigh 156 and am told my blood pressure is whacked. How common is it for people my age to have this. Also, I WALKED up about 20 stairs today slowly and my heart in my chest felt like it was going to explode and I could hear the blood pulsating in my brain. The throbbing has not stopped after six hours and I am going home from work and going to bed. I was short of breath and became pale and had to stop. I may just be that out of shape but i have a physically demanding job so how out of shape could i be. As i said i am not overweight so wtf! Any docs out there.

Diana H
I would be interested in knowing who took your blood pressure. Was it done in a store, did you take it yourself, did someone else take it or was it at a doctor's office? Who told you your BP was whacked?

The truth is that every ones blood pressure goes up and down all the time depending on what they have been doing. It also depends on if you are under stress as well.

If it was in a doctor's office you could have what is known as the white coat syndrome. People get excited when they get their blood pressure checked in the office.

If you took your blood pressure after you climbed those stairs it was because you were exercising. When you exercise your pressure will go up so therefore you should wait 15-30min. before taking your blood pressure. You really should take it when you are relaxed. If you only had that reading once I doubt it is anything to be concerned about.

Let us know more, please. If you aren't use to climbing stairs you have to keep doing it until you get use to it. Chances are you are just out of shape and should build up to it.

Good Luck!

Your hypertension should be evaluated thoroughly. 25 years is young for someone to become hypertensive. There could be a whole host of reasons for high blood pressure at a young age like kidney problems, pheochromocytoma( adrenal tumor), heart defects (coarctation), thyroid problems and many more. These are rare causes which when ruled out leads to the diagnosis of Primary hypertension (This is the what people mean when they say that they suffer from high blood pressure) which can be controlled with medication, lifestyle modifications, diet restriction, exercise etc and drugs.

Don't freak out, but do expect to get started on some drug to control the pressure when you see your doctor. Lisinopril is commonly used for this, and can be effective.

hecla 1
there could be many factors that can contribute to a high blood pressure reading at any given time....smoking, drinking caffienated beverages, pain, physical exertion at the time, it is best to have blood pressure taken after 20-30 mins at rest. The physically activity at work is not the same as a workout, in a workout the idea is to get your heart rate up to a certain point and maintain it for 20 mins....that may be a bit much if you are out of shape, but should be a goal......

Looking ahead
I suspect that thee are many people your age and younger with resting portion of BP at 90 or a little above. I believe you have to take it over time, days at the same time each day and look at what your activities were at the time. The 20 stairs? You didn't what sort of shape your in.

You may have an underlying heart problem. You should see a cardiologist to have it checked. Or, you may be so stressed that your BP is up. I had a similar problem during my senior year of college due to stress and no problems since graduation.

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