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 Answer for back pain?
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dani m
why does my head hurt so bad???
i have a really bad headache and it just started once i woke up. why could this happen?

If you drank loads of alcohol last night, it'll be a hangover. Other reasons could be that you're dehydrated (in which case go and drink lots), you might have slept at a funny angle (especially so if your neck or shoulders hurt as well) or you may have something like a cold or hayfever.
Do you sleep with your window open at night? Sometimes cold draughts can give you a real bad headache called neuralgia. There's nothing to worry about. Go and take some painkillers (aspirin is good for headaches) and if it hurts that badly, lie down for a bit. If you still have a headache after three or four days, go and see your doctor about it.
Hope you feel better soon! :)

Joseph C
take some asprin

Need glasses :]

Zachary J
you might have been working to hard before you went to sleep and you put to much pressure on it

Ry Guy
could be a migrane... or you could be really, really hung over

maybe u hit your head while u were sleeping!!!

Do you happen to have a toothache?

Does your neck also hurt? If your neck hurts too then maybe you slept wrong. Otherwise maybe if your stressed it could be a stress headache or maybe a weather related headache

could be dehydration

strange but common take some advil
and if the pain does not go away go to a doctor

You may be getting migraines.They hurt a lot more than headaches.If you are seeing stars you may want to lie down because you might throw up.Right now you need to take a pill and lie down.

You have a migraine.All you have to do if you go outside were sunglasses cause light will make it worse.Also lay down and rest drink lots of fluid and take a pill for it.

may be u need glasses

have you never had a headache before? take some ibuprofen and lay down. put an ice pack or heating pad on your head. and chill.

u might be dehydrated usually if ur head hurts then ur probably dehydrated u should try drinking more water

A frontal lobotomy can take awhile to recover from. If you find that you miss your brain, you can apply for another at the nearest sanitarium.

take a couple of painkillers and see if that helps, rest your eyes for a while...lie down if you have the chance, if it doesnt start to go it could be a good idea to see an optician

Mz K
I think mostly everyone here hit it on the nail, it could be may reasons, needing water, high blood pressure, need and eye exam, maybe diabetic. Try an over the counter pill like Advil or Excedrin. But make sure you eat first. If your headaches persist do not take them lightly, go see a Dr. for a check up. I had one for 3 days straight and was diagnose with migraine headaches. Hope you get some relief soon, take care of yourself :)

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