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 question about throat pain?
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 where are my migraines coming from?
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why do i keep having bad headaches everyday???
its like non stop headaches and i dont know why...
i take pills duhh but its no use they come back later on or the next day.,...
can some one help me out here??

my friend gets them too.
go to the doctor, if you haven't already, nad tell him about them and ask if he/she can give you anything.


check your pillow. too hard one can cause you headache

There could be 100 different reasons. Go to a dr, only they can help you find an accurate answer.

if you have glasses and dont wear them that could give you it
or staying at the pc all day looking at it

Goeffrey B
I get the same and sometimes its allergies, or a nagging coworker, and of course a hangover will do it too. But seriously, i notice when i drink water once i start to notice a headache, that after 4or 5 12oz cups my headache is gone. Dont ask me how.. It just works for me most of the time. Try it!!

Hi, I reckon that if there is sun where you live then your headaches probably kick in around the afternoon when its hot.
That means its probably making your blood levels raise or decrease too much! this would trigger off a bad headache!
I recommend wearing a hat or a pair of sunglasses or somthing to cover your head at that time of day and drink lots of water, you should try and keep cool as much as possible and just sit down with a glass of water if you feel that the headache is coming back!

If you had a head injury, or one you may not know of (if you were asleep) You may have a concussion. You should go to the doctor and get a C.T. scan.

If they do not find anything in the C.T. Scan you may also be experiencing rebound headaches, which feel like migranes and are sometimes caused by the the result of taking too much medications, too often. Go to your doctor and talk to him/her about this as well.

You need to make up a diary of your headaches, when they start, how long they last, what medication you take, what you eat, weather/environmental conditions, etc... Over time, this may show you a pattern of things that may be triggering your headaches or making them worse. You should avoid any over the counter remedies with caffeine, which will keep you in rebound. Even prescription medications can cause rebound if you are taking them every day. Try giving the diary to your doctor and you can find a medication that is right for you.

It all depends are you always on your computer?Do you stare at the tv all day?

Amy W
It is probably sinus headaches. I have been getting them since I was about 4....maybe longer, I just don't remember. Sudafed Sinus headache medicine is fantastic for them. You may still want to see a doctor.

well it depends on your daily activities. Some people can get headaches(body aches) from being stressed out and having too much too do or something on their mind. Or people can get headaches from crying alot (which i hope you're not doing)

Medicine may not be what you're needing-maybe you should do something outside. Take a daily walk/run or play something. Go to the park just something involving fresh air that will clear your mind and help you relax your body. :)

allergies is my guess.

Don't go to a regular doctor, go to a CHIROPRACTOR. a regular doctor will just give you drugs to hide the pain where a chiropractor will actually fix the problem. TRUST ME. I used to get them too but they disappeared after seeing a chiro.

Do you have any bad teeth? Absess teeth can give HORRIBLE headaches. Sinuses, stress, smoking, allergies... and the list goes on!

Jen M
Well, that is hard to say. You may want to go to a Doctor who can figure out what it is.

Make sure you are drinking enough water

Time to see your doctor especially if you aren't getting relief from OTC pain-meds. I DON'T want to scare you, but it maybe something that you can't treat with OTC meds alone!

Best of luck to you.

It could be allergies but it could also be a sinus infection. Do you have any discharge from the nose or heavy flem in the throat? Suggest you see a doc and rule out the other nasties.

Constant headaches are nothing to ignore. From experience, they can signal something more serious and it has nothing to do with a medical doctor. Take a look at an article I wrote about my experience with constant headaches. Hope it helps! =)

cassie :)
welcome to my world :) the first step to curing a headache is know the cause. try keeping a journal and keep track of what you eat, and what you do during the day and make sure you write down everything in order, including when you get your headache. after a while you can look back and see things like, oh, after i ate a certain meal, or didn't eat one, i always got a headache, and you'll realize that they may have been the cause- and then you can stop doing it, and therefore stop getting headaches.

but if you're like me, and your headaches come from pretty much everything you do during the day, get a prescription pain killer with a higher dosage than what they have OTC (over the counter).

but if you're even more like me, and prescription drugs don't help, they ask your doctor. i'm still waiting for her to reply, haha.

just relax though. hope this helps :)

Don't worry, pl see what suits you.
If you are in cold country use all warm things.
Pl try cold water bath and observe if in hot country, if pain increases use warm.
If you have cough/cold body hot water bath will help.
Massage and exercise in front of morning sun is good thing, pl try.
Pl try simple acupressure given below for immediate relief.
If it fails you will have to go for Acupuncture.

There is hardly any medicine for H/A OR MIGRAINE. Not only these but for RA, OA, Back ache, Ear ache/ringing, Stomach ache and almost all painful diseases. Hence they become chronic.

Acidity, WORRY, sadness, excessive wind, cold , heat, sour food and sinusitis, constipation, intestinal inflammation; drug side effects, stress, bad smell, TV & COMPUTER SOMETIMES, Blockage in the flow of Vital Energy, BODY CONSTITUTION etc are their causes.
None of them can be treated with medicine.
Our 100% success in treating migraine &H/A confirms it.

Acupuncture is the best treatment.
I can treat it with naturopathy and YOG, but how can you manage pl see.

Pain killers don't treat the pain but we loose the sense of pain for some time; in that duration our body itself treats sometime and credit goes to meds.
The useless drugs have tremendous power of side effects like liver/kidney failures, ulcer, inflammation of intestines and lot more.

Avoid late sleeping if possible; worry, tension, spicy foods, sour fruits, stale bakery foods, SMOKING and alcohole.

Sweet foods, COCOANUT WATER,sweet fruits like dates, milk, rice, SPROUTS, SALADS and good sleep will help if cough is not there.

But you try one herbal remedy- two drops of drumstick leaves' juice in opposite nostril if one side pains and both nostrils if full H/A will give you rescue. Betel leaf helps but it is very strong.

If it is acute pl search a painful point (with round tipped pen/jimmy) 3-6 mm behind your thumb nail and press it, H/A will disappear within 30 seconds.

For forehead/eye pain the points are in front of nails on the finger tips or 3-7 mm below.

It may disappear naturally too.

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