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 How can I get rid of my back pain?
In noveber I pulled a muscles on my right side. Then two laters I did again, but this time of the left side. The dr. told me that i probably spained my vertalbe. He said it would be 6 to 8 weeks to ...

 What can I do about a migraine headache ?
Well I have been dealing with this migraine for about 3 weeks now. I have gone to the doctors and they gave me T3's. Last night I called 911 because it was so bad. I haven't been sleeping ...

 does anyone know if eating to much tomatoes can make the pain of arthritus worse?
I have arthritus in my hands and the pain always seem to be worse after I have eaten tomatoes. I was wondering if it,s the acid in the tomatoes....

 Can you get headache's from severe stress?
I'm just wondering. I used to get them when my brother's ex lived with us, and they were constantly fighting. And what was strange, the day she moved out, I didn't have a headache.

 when i awake up i am getting back pain?
i am age 21yrs and wt 110kgs and height 6inch when now a days i am getting back pain after when i wake up in any time after 2min or 5min its going can anybody tell what the problem any exercise ...

 What is the best therapy for my shoulder pain?
I work on my computer more than 8 hours a day. My shoulder and neck is uncomfortable. What would be the most convenient way to relief my pain at home?...

 Pinched nerve or something??
ok its pain in my butt muscles, in my hip, and deep pain down the back of my legs, but no back pain?? I dont have a drs appointment until the 15 of Feb and this pain is unbearable!!! I cant have ...

 My lower back/spine is hurting me very bad and I'm only 18?
The lower half of my back and spine region is hurting me very badly. If I lay on my stomach reading a book, I am in pain in ten minutes. It hurts when I do things such as shovel snow and rake leaves. ...

 is drugs bad if u do it ocasionaly?
Hi guys I am a very healthy person I try to eat right I gym in the week before work , I do drink now and then only during weekends maybe a drink or 2 sometimes none I do sometimes wanna have fun i am ...

 i pierced my lip the other day, and its kinda swollen & hurts a little bit, is that normal? what do i do?

Additional Details
what should i use to keep it from not getting infected?...

 why does this headache make me want to throw up?

Additional Details
could it possibly be because i took 2 Excedrin pm instead of 1?...

 Pain relief creams that are not smelly?
OK. I use a pain relief cream but it has a strong smell to it as it's a heat cream.

Which pain relief cream can I purchase that doesn't have a smell to it? ( so I can use it on ...

can you get high from Acetaminophen Hydrocodone.. the pill is a watson with red dots on ...

 Tongue piercing experiences? Soreness, swelling?
I got my tongue piercing last Friday, and it's Wednesday now. It's still pretty swollen, it's not very sore, usually only in the mornings. I've been eating solid foods and stuff, ...

 i have chronic mastoiditis what can i do for the pain ?
i have been to the er 4 times now and my dr.2 time and this last trip to the ER they did a CT of my ear and found that i have chronic mastoiditis and that means the the bone in and behind my ear is ...

 my lower back is killing me how can i get i feeling better fast?
Is there a certain way to pop it or something. because i go to the chiropractor everyday but since todays memorial day i couldn't. i can barely walk its killing me! please tell me some way to ...

 my toe hurts at the base when i walk?
whenever i walk my toe feels like it is going 2 drop of and it is a little bit swollen and it has been like this 4 a week... what's wrong with and how can i make it better?
many thanks in ...

 what would feel better on my teeth?
I got my wisdom teeth out a few days ago. I can now drink with a straw. What would feel better on my teeth? a warm hot chocolate or a cold milkshake? or does it not matter by now?

 Upper back spasms at work, help!?
I've had severe pain in my upper left portion of my back in the muscles that go around my shoulder blade for a few days now. I'm now having spasms and I'm at work. Any suggestions?...

Jennifer B
what is a class 4 narcotic?

Highly potent, highly illegal drugs with little to no medical use. Examples of these drugs are heroin and cocaine.

Adding on: Sorry had my number backwards. I was thinking Class 5 was highest. Tried from memory. Failed. They are correct Class 4 is low abuse schedule.

The DEA has 5 classifications for narcotics.....I - V...how clever. Class I are not available to prescribe in the US, such as PCP and heroin. Class IV have a minor potential for abuse and the most common drug in this class is the benzodiazapine...such as Valium, Xanax and Ambien.

Narcotics are classified as to their addictive properties. The most addictive are labeled as class I. These would be opium, cocaine derivatives such as laudanum. A class IV has the lowest rate of addiction and can even be bought over the counter in some states with a form of ID and signature. Some examples are promethazine or small amount of codeine based cough remedies.

Mike K
A misconception needs to be cleared up the DEA has a schedules for ALL drugs not just narcotics... The link I provided below has the complete up-to-date drug schedules... it will indicate whether or not the drug in question on the list is or isn't a narcotic. There are many scheduled drugs that are not narcotics. How ever a Schedule IV narcotic happens to be a drug that is on Schedule IV that is a narcotic...
Narcotics are only drugs that have the ability to induce sleep.

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