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ian n
lump at the base of my hand near wrist???
I have a small lump probably about 5mm at the base of the palm near my wrist on my right hand.
It feels soft to touch, not painful but more uncomfortable. It is however sore if i am to lets say lean with my weight on it on a desk etc.
Does anyone know what it is?
Have a docs appointment as soon as i get home, but am in the middle of the north sea at the minute

It sounds like 'carpal tunnel syndrome' to me.

I had this in the exact same spot and it ended up being a cyst. They injected it with something (can't exactly remember what unfortunately) and it went away almost immediately. I haven't had a problem with it since.

I have something like that in my wrist, the doctor called it a gangleon or somethign like that, wonder if it's what you have? My wrist gives way if I apply too much pressure.

Probably some type of cyst.

Outspoken but Honest
Long age they used to bang them with a bible but now they will just disappear as quickly as they came no need to do anything. At one time the doctors used to drain them but they just kept coming back

I had something like that on and off for years. And it hurt and bothered me. Went to see the doctor and he said it was some sort of cyst. Sorry I can't remember it's name. I remember him sticking a needle into the cyst to see if he could drain fluid from it and he couldn't. I also remember him wanting to hit the cyst on my wrist with a heavy book. He said if you smash it it would go away. Again, I did decline. LOL... I'm 52 now and I was probably late teens then. Was a long time ago. I never did have surgery because I was a wimp. It did go away permanently tho and no surgery. When it hurt bad my doc said to sleep with a tennis ball in my hand, tape it in if you need to, to keep the presure off while I slept. It did help me. But of course mine came and went. I wish you luck ! ! ! Mine was on my right wrist, where yours is. Like above my base of thumb.

I agree that it sounds like a ganglion. I had one on my wrist some years ago and had an operation to remove it. It was very inconvenient, as my arm was encased in a pressure bandage from fingers to elbow afterwards, to stop me splitting the stitches.

Not long afterwards, another one came up on the back of my hand. By then, I'd read that doctors can draw out the jelly-like fluid with a syringe, so I asked my doctor if he could do that for me. He was willing to do so, and it worked. The ganglion didn't come back. I would recommend that option, rather than have surgery.

sounds a bit like a ganglion, its harmless. look it up on the Internet

greg a
Probably a Ganglion, just a small piece of gristle. Nothing to worry about , but get it checked when you get home to to make sure.

more than likely a ganglion cyst---you don't have a ship's doctor who can look at it?

Could be a ganglion - not serious, just a nuisance. Traditional remedy is to hit it with the family bible and it disappears. Sensible folk like yourself toddle along to the doctor and get it checked out.

Holz F
yea i got one of them its called a ganglion i think, my nieces think im spider women coz of it lol

My husband and son have this. Yep, the cyst they mentioned in previous messages. Benign, by the way. I'm pretty sure they only occur on studly, handsome young men with amazing personalities. Anyway... and I kid you not - our physician told my guys to whack at it with a book or against a wall to 'break it down', as it is apparently a calcium or tissue build-up which can be re-absorbed by the body as it's pulverized. We've all taken whacks at them now, and sorry to report they still are there. I think you have to whack and whack and whack. No, I'm not pulling your leg. Some things are just goofy. Best 'o luck, man in the sea!

Ganglion, in the old days they used to whack it with a book, i had one on the top of my wrist was booked in to get it removed after having it a year then found i was pregnant so couldnt, then suddenly it went away on its own, still not sure why. they are harmless more annoying than anything, you can get them removed its a simple procedure and done very quick so the consultant told me when i saw him didnt have it done as i mentioned. Some go away on their own but many dont. See your GP for a referral if its bothering you

Sounds like a Ganglion cyst. Not normally removed unless it gets large enough to cause problems. My friend has had one for 10 years or so now. Having said that you should still get your doctor to check it out just in case. I am not a doctor!

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