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 What should i do about my back pain please help? very confused on scale 1 to 10 its a 7 read below?
my back has been hurting for almost 8 days i am trying to avoid the doctor but now my left side by the ovaries just starting this morning it is hurting all in the same area i would say on the scale 1-...

 Any home remedies to treat an abdominal gas pain?
i need advise to treat my 7 yr. old daughter........

i have got my mri scan tomorrow because i fall down from stairs and feel pain in my shoulder they took x rays before and said x ray result is fine but to find out why u still feel paint while moving ...

 My throat makes a weird noise like a buzzing.?
Like when i get hungry. i get this buzzing sound in my throat. it doesnt hurt or anything.
what is it?...

 Sharp pain in left hip, first felt while running?
Up until a few weeks ago I was running about 3 times a week (only 2-3 miles per day). A few weeks ago while I was on a treadmill I felt a sharp pain in my left hip. I decided to run through the pain. ...

 Pain behind my left ear?
Yesterday afternoon, I got this sudden, sharp pain behind my left ear. The pain kind of starts out above my ear - more around my temple - then travels down to the back of my ear.

Anyway, ...

 Cure for tendonitis - Mother's day?
my mom has tendonitis in her right arm and she's right handed and tomarrow is yes MOTHERS day, me and my older brother (18) both got her flowers and a cake from cosintino's and i want to ...

 What do you think could cause sudden and severe knee pain (in both knees)?
that has lasted for over two weeks now.

(no knee pain one day...to severe knee pain in both knees the next)...

 My mom has body aches all over and im worried..?
what should i do? i recommended a hot bath but she didnt do it. will it help?? can you guys tell me something that can relieve her pain?? besides pills?...

 Sharp Pains in My ribs ? Feels like the pain when you push on a bruise need help?
Hi i am having Sharp pains in my right side of the rib cage and whenever i cough or sneeze i like scream cuz its hurts soo much! When i press on it it feels as tho i was pushing on a bruise and its ...

 Why does perfume give me a headache?

 Why are papercuts so painful?
I got the mother of all papercuts this morning across multiple fingers no less. Why does the body create so much pain for such a minor injury?
Additional Details
Lmao, I'm not ...

 How can I relieve the pain of aching legs?
After I get home from work(active job) my legs, especially my right leg, aches like anything and prevents sleep.
Last night the pain was bad in my right leg and the veins were all popping out/...

 I keep getting a kink / pinched nerve in my neck? Whats wrong?
I keep getting pinched nerves or "kinks" in my neck. Some are not as bad as others but the last time i got one was the night before I went to Medical processing for the military. It was a ...

 Have you ever had that horrible shooting pain in your neck that stops you in your tracks?
It's very quick and it feels like a hot poker. Does anyone know what causes it?...

 i need ways to make my leg stop stinging from a scrape PLEASE?
i need to know it stings soo bad
and its making me not sit still
please ...

 does diovan interfere with my bowels my stool is so soft it gets stuck on way out?

 What's a good way to get rid of migraines?
My migraines are really, and i throw up a lot. help!...

 Deep shoulder blade pain?
Kinda weird to have nautiousness and pain in ur deep shoulder blade at the same time... where the clavicle and the arm bone connect.... deep inside there is where it hurts... all of a sudden it ...

 flat feet?
ok, i have flat feet i have tried evrything my feet still hurt. my right foot is also slightly shorter. If anyone has anywhere dat i can go to sort it out please let me know. i am in the uk north ...

are orthotics safe for long term use?
Orthotics are used to force my foot in the "proper position" while I wear my shoes to help me walk. If my feet are used to this "proper position"and I decide to go barefoot or wear footwear that cannot support orthotics and this "proper position" is now impossible, what will happen to my feet? What I mean is will wearing orthotics cause me unwanted problems from forcing my foot to work a certian way only part of the time and letting it go to an "improper position" any other time or would it be better to keep things as they are and just not use orthotics in the first place?

I think that you will be fine. I also have them due to a leg/foot imbalance from an injury and also time to time wear flip flops or something open toed etc. I just make sure that I primarily wear the orthotics and only wear the other shoes occasionally and it works out well

First - when in doubt, ask your orthotist or physical therapist - whoever fit you for them. Nothing "bad" will happen by going barefoot although you might have foot or ankle pain. The orthotics are helping to correct a mechanical problem in your feet - a problem that means your foot and ankle joints aren't in proper alignment for standing and walking. By re-aligning these joints with orthotics, you're making things a lot easier on your joints from your feet all the way up your spine. Likely, you'll find that going without the orthotics for long periods of time will result in pain (in your feet or knees). It's also possible that when you resume wearing shoes, the orthotics won't feel as comfortable because your feet will need to re-adjust to wearing them.

Again, it's a good idea to see a professional if you have questions. Oh, and you can get different types of orthotics for different types of shoes.

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