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 I have a pain in my hip which goes down my thigh, the side of my calf & other side of my foot is numb? Ideas?
(I have been diagnosed with oesteoporosis of my spine). I cant sit or lay in comfort as the pain in my hip/leg is too uncomfortable to sleep or sit in for longer than about 20 minutes. The pain/...

 what is causing me to have major headaches daily?
for like the last 4 months i have been have really bad headaches, all the time. like i wake up and go to bed with headaches... im 17, any ideas about what couls be causing them. im very active and ...

 my knees keep popping?
im only 19 and sometimes when i walk my knees are popping... i feel like its the place where the fibula connects to my knee.. so its the outside of my knee basically. will this cause any problems in ...

 What are the results of cracking your knuckles and neck?

Additional Details
is it true that you get athritis and your knuckles become disgustingly large??...

 Answer for back pain?
I broke my coccyx about a year and a half ago. I was pain free until September 2007. When I would wake up after sleeping in my bed, I had a terrible pain that covered my entire back. It went away ...

 anyone else have migraines? What are your symptoms and what do you do for them? how long have you had them?

 Pain under ear - feels like its swollen? got a headache and earache with dizzyness also?
Does anyone know what this can be and do symptoms like these indicate something serious?...

 My legs are freaking sore!?
my legs have been sore for like 4 days straight, and they are like hard rock and they hurt. What can I do to stop the pain, I've tried to take like medicine like advil, ibuprofen, etc.

 I'm thinking of getting a tatoo on the back of my neck (tiny bit lower). Does it hurt?
I also heard you can get disabled coz of all the nerves there (something to do with spine there). Is that true?...

 What helps you to cure an upset stomache? (other than gingerale and Pepto BissmolLOL!)?

Final exams are close and i am sitting on my chair for 10 hours a day.I have a backache today...
how can i get rid of it???
pls do not tell me to go and buy a new office chair,i can not ...

 i suffer from migraine attack from a very long time, and i take a lot of pain killers, can any one help me ?
help me in other ways to reduce pain....

 Why am I waking up in the middle of the night with excruciating leg cramps?
They are soooo painful they wake me up with tears in the middle of the night!!! I'm a 17 yo girl that excersizes alottttt and I usually get it it in the same left calf muscle but sometimes my ...

 I Really Don't Feel Well =(?
Anybody know a way to get rid of a blocked nose & headache.
I feel awful =(

If you can't answer my question, just cheer me up =)

 This might sound weird but.?
I want to lose weight. i have a big butt but i want to keep my butt because thats all the boys care about and i think i look cute with a butt. but i'm getting fat and i wanna just lose weight in ...

 what is the crunching sound I hear in my neck when I rotate my head?
I dont mean rotate my head as in the film where the girl is posessed by the devil !(cant remember the name )...

 My ear drum popped in the pool?
And now everytime I yawn or sneeze it hurts. any suggestions?...

 How to I get my legs to stop hurting?
I just have began to run cross country for my school as a freshman. I run about 4 miles each practice (which is expected) but just after the 2nd practice, my entire legs are sore which has never ...

 why is my arm so cold?
in the past few days, the inside of my left arm is really, really cold. although it feels at normal body temperature to the touch, the sensation is one of extreme cold. it feels like there is a ...

 lump at the base of my hand near wrist???
I have a small lump probably about 5mm at the base of the palm near my wrist on my right hand.
It feels soft to touch, not painful but more uncomfortable. It is however sore if i am to lets say ...

I got punched in the eye last night, how can I make my eye feel better?
I was playing ultamite football at youth group for my church last night and as I went to catch the football my eye got hit by someones hand. I don't have a bruise or anything but my eye is definetly more sensitive. It hurt alot at impact but it felt better after. today though my eye is more dry and itchy, and it stings alot more. these are my symptoms:
My eye will randomly tear up for no reason
My eye will sting and I have to blink alot more than usuall
It is stinging now just by having it open
It hurts and It kind of feels like a burning stinging sensation
My contact hurts more today but I hate how I look with glasses
when I got hit my contact slid around in my eye because my eye was open when I got hit
It is just a dull constant pain in and around my eye, around mainly above though.
what might be wrong and what can I do. some people have told me it's just heeling what does that mean. can It hurt w/out having a black eye?
Additional Details
I'm 14 and It hurts alot more now that it's night time. it also stings/burns to touch it

Tom E
An ice pack,or cold wash rag with ice in it,will eliminate the swelling,which is what causes discomfort,I bag af frozen peas or corn will also work wonders.Wrap them in a cloth.Apply till you can't stand it,then remove.Repeat all night long

Ice wrapped in a sock

Nice big slab of meat always seemed to work for me. Just make sure it's clean ;).


well um.. have you gone to the doctor yat they can
probably help or put ice on it idk sorri if my answer doesnt helps

you still may get a black eye. unfortunately.

cold vegtables


Talk to a parent about it??
We can't exactly suggest you take pain killers, cause then it's just not right on our part to go around telling children not to consult their own guardians.

CrAzY dRaMa QuEeN

Keep something cold on it. Frozen peas or a cold (not frozen) steak. That will help with the swelling and the pain.

put a cold pice of steak rare on your eye for like 20 minutes and then take it off rinse your eye and take a nap

girlie girl
You just need to keep a cold compact on it, if your eye was open its possible that you got something in it, flush it with your eye solution, if it just gets more irritated check to see if you got scratched, you can usually see surface scratches on your eye by looking at it at an angle, if it got scratched there is an eyedrop you can get from your eye doctor, it helps prevent any infections... but you shouldn't wear your contacts, that may make it worse

I think you should go to the doctor and have it checked out.
I have seen in boxing movies that when a guy gets his eye hurt badly they always put ice on it, just put ice in a clean tea towel and lie down with it over the bad eye.
Sorry to hear about it,
get well soon..

I've heard of people putting a raw steak over their eye to help... not sure if this is really an option for you. And dont wear your contacts, give your eye a rest! Perhaps try a bag of frozen peas...

You need to see an Eye Doctor. You could have a corneal abrasion or some other injury to your eye. Get it checked out. If nothing else, the Eye Doctor can give you some drops to help with the pain.

i would ice it and maybe take a tylenol or ibuprofen. if it doesn't get better or gets worse, see a doctor.

I'm no doctor, but I'll give you my advice, from one teen with contacts to another:
First, take out the contacts. It's better to look bad for a day than irritate your eye or get an infection. I promise you'll survive.
Second, have you tried a cold compress? Put some ice in a plastic baggie and wrap a dish towel around it. If you leave this on your eye for awhile, the pain should drastically decrease. Simply giving your eye some rest should help. As long as there are no underlying causes, the best thing for your will be time.

take ice, put in towel, put on face. very 20 mins take it off, and then put it back on after 20 mins. this will reduce swelling. then after the first two days of the injury- switch to heat to promote healing, more blood flow.

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