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 What are the results of cracking your knuckles and neck?

Additional Details
is it true that you get athritis and your knuckles become disgustingly large??...

 Answer for back pain?
I broke my coccyx about a year and a half ago. I was pain free until September 2007. When I would wake up after sleeping in my bed, I had a terrible pain that covered my entire back. It went away ...

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my legs have been sore for like 4 days straight, and they are like hard rock and they hurt. What can I do to stop the pain, I've tried to take like medicine like advil, ibuprofen, etc.

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I also heard you can get disabled coz of all the nerves there (something to do with spine there). Is that true?...

 What helps you to cure an upset stomache? (other than gingerale and Pepto BissmolLOL!)?

Final exams are close and i am sitting on my chair for 10 hours a day.I have a backache today...
how can i get rid of it???
pls do not tell me to go and buy a new office chair,i can not ...

 i suffer from migraine attack from a very long time, and i take a lot of pain killers, can any one help me ?
help me in other ways to reduce pain....

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 I Really Don't Feel Well =(?
Anybody know a way to get rid of a blocked nose & headache.
I feel awful =(

If you can't answer my question, just cheer me up =)

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I want to lose weight. i have a big butt but i want to keep my butt because thats all the boys care about and i think i look cute with a butt. but i'm getting fat and i wanna just lose weight in ...

 what is the crunching sound I hear in my neck when I rotate my head?
I dont mean rotate my head as in the film where the girl is posessed by the devil !(cant remember the name )...

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And now everytime I yawn or sneeze it hurts. any suggestions?...

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in the past few days, the inside of my left arm is really, really cold. although it feels at normal body temperature to the touch, the sensation is one of extreme cold. it feels like there is a ...

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I have a small lump probably about 5mm at the base of the palm near my wrist on my right hand.
It feels soft to touch, not painful but more uncomfortable. It is however sore if i am to lets say ...

 My body keeps hurting from the slightest touch, what could it be?
When someone/something touches my body it really hurts, it feels like a really painful bruise and then goes away after about 10 seconds or sometimes even longer.
This morning i was getting out ...

 Why does my throat hurt?
First I'm a healthy 19 yr old male.

I've noticed that the last week and a half it has hurt sometimes (not all the time) when I wake up. I have been sleeping on two diff. couches ...

 I awoke in the middle of the night.. GIRLS please?
Where I am, it is the middle of the night. I woke up in excruciating pain from cramps. Before I went to bed about 5 1/2 hours ago, I took two Ibuprophen and one Neproxem Sodium which is supposed to ...

Huggles [mozzafan]
Can i give my dog human paracetemol to ease his leg pain?
Becuase he's pulled a muscle?
poor thing


Dan the MAN
yeah why not!
remember they are much stronger than us!
good luck and have a good time

Don Adriano
First off, don't give your pets human medications. Many of these are toxic to animals and don't work very well on them anyway. Always consult a veterinarian

In the specific case of paracetemol (aka acetaminophen, aka Tylenol), it doesn't work very well on dogs. It takes several pills of this drug to be toxic to a dog, but even one could kill a cat.

xoɟ ʍous
I'm not sure but it could be toxic to dogs. I know it's toxic to cats. You should take him to a vet.

Sue C
No, please don't. Some medicines which are fine for humans are poisonous to animals. Vets know best so I'd suggest a call to a vet to check. If you're in UK, you should be able to find a 24- hour emergency service - check with them.

Don't give your dog anything - see a vet. DO NOT give your dog ibuprofen - it can kill them.

collie wobbles
i wouldnt do it but i know a number of people who do.they say its great.but im not sure.

definitely go to a vet to get a second opinion, but we were told by our vet and by breeders for my dog to take half an aspirin once she had had her puppies to stop her from panting etc due to shock. This obviously has nothing to do with your poor dog's leg but it shows that some pills are ok for dogs to take. Do ask your vet before you do anything though, you don't want his leg to get any worse!
Good luck x

theres a lot of human medicines that can be used on animals but u need to check with vet if paracetamol is ok.

Not a good idea, but try giving him/her a junior asprin.

awwwww bless well yes you can i give my dog paracetemol but i advise you only give your dog half a paracetomol.

Ask a Vet.
Whatever you do, do NOT give Ibuprofen. It can kill a dog according to my vet.

I think you can but I would check with a vet first.
It is safe to give animals certain medications meant for humans. My Bull terrier has a fungal infection on her paws which she has had since birth and will always have. The human version of the medication she is on is half the price of the animal version so the vet gave us a prescription for us to get it from the pharmacy as it was costing 100 pounds a month!

No. Never ever give human medication to an animal without consulting a vet.

Some things that are fine for animals would kill us, and vice versa.

Look at the drug Thalidomide. Fine for rats, when given to pregnant women years ago, caused horrific deformities in their babies.

Im a pharmacy dispenser and we are never allowed to advise on animal illness or pain. We always refer anyone asking about animal health to a vet.

I have a retired vet who lives 5 doors away from me and he told me to give my dog[the size of a collie] 2 paracetamol when he was in pain from a cut to his leg. This was until I saw a vet the next day, who agreed I had done the right thing in giving him them

PLEASE do not tell me you would seriously do this if some stranger said "yes its ok" via a vague website!! speak to a vet call the rspca, but please dont take all the advice from here!

Noooooo! don't do it, it could be fatal!!!!!


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