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 How long do you usually stay in the ER....?
After a car accident?
A collision on a rainy night?...

 super important!!!!how to stop bug bites from itching?!?!?!?!?
OMG i am going insane like i am on the verge of tears they itch soooo bad.... im trying so hard not to scratch them... they are really little bumps but they are all over my legs idk what but they are ...

 What's the best way to apply the gel aloe vera on a sunburn?
What will make it feel the best in the long run? I just got the WORST sunburn ever. It's all over my shoulders, back, chest, stomach, face, feet, etc. I feel like an idiot for not wearing ...

 I Pierced My Ear and i want to know if it is infected or not?
i pierced my ear 2 days ago and its still red, and every now and then i get the SMALLEST amount of sting, nothing to complain about even a little. then when i touch it, and squeeze my ear lobe its ...

 How to care for deep scratch/cut on my ankle?
Two nights ago I was outside and when I went to go inside the screen door which is aluminum scratched my ankle. I was wearing flip flops and when I stepped into the house the bottom of the door ...

 If a bee sting what do you do?

 Salt in eye...it burns.?
During a wild party, someone was dared to pour salt into my eye. Now my eye is red and swollen and im slowly losing vision in my right eye. This happened 2 days ago and i am to embarrassed to go to ...

 Foot is swollen and itchy?
About a day ago I was walking barefoot on the grass and this small piece of wood got in my toe. It burned so badly that I fell on the floor in pain trying to get it out. It's such a small piece ...

 How can you heal a scrape/ cut thats already a scab?
i have a scrape that turned into a scab but it has a huge cut in the middle and its filled with yellow stuff it hurts when i flex my legs any remidies what is the yellow stuff and how long would it ...

 How to get rid of ant bites!!!?
3 days ago i got bit by a bunch of ants and I'm allergic i took stuff to stop the allergic reaction and im fine now but i have to go to a water park with my entire school in a day in a half i ...

 Lip piercing infection or swelling?
I just pierced my own lip, its not badly swelled just a little dot of swelling =p
im really scared its gonna get infected or really swelled up because i have
to go to grad in 5 days, how ...

 SUNBURN when will it get better and how to take the pain away?!?
i was at water world all day on wednesday... my shoulders are really red and hurts like crap. hurts to move to put clothes on i have blisters... does that i mean i will soon peal? I use aloe lots ...

 my mosquito bite is red swollen hot and hurts?
i got bitten when i went to tennis practice at the tables there where mosquitos and i got bitten five times
one on the inside of my right elbow this one has no problems it deosn't itch its ...

 Which preparation h should I buy? Please help!?
So I have external hemorrhoids and ive been told to get preparation h. Im gonna go to WalMart tomorrow to get it but there are a few different kinds and I dont know which one to get so if you could ...

 Stung in the Forehead by a Bee what should i do?
OK I was mowing the lawn and all of a sudden, a bee attacks my face and stung me in the head. Near my eyebrow I don't see any swelling occurring yet, it just hurts like crazy....

 I swallowed a popsicle stick splinter, will I be ok?
I was eating a popsicle when I felt soething hard slip down my throat, it was very small, literally a splinter, but I was wondering if I will be ok?...

 How do you make a blister heal faster?

 I got my snake bites (piercing) 2 weeks ago.?
Snake bites are when you get both sides of your lip pierced.
I just got mine done like 2 weeks ago and they're doing just great, but my left piercing on the inside of my lip, it has like a ...

 Ingrown toenail? Do I need surgery!? Please help! PAINFUL?
I am 15 years old and had my first pedicure done the other day. I believe they cut my toenail way to short and now I have an ingrown toenail. I have had it since 10 days and now it has green pus ...

 Ant bite or flea bite or something else?
6-7 weeks ago me and my boyfriend moved into an apartment where we were given a couch that was infested with fleas. They bit me all over head to toe but didn't even touch him. I finally couldn�...

Nicole W
why is my ear piercing bleeding!?!?!?!?!?
i pierced my second hole in my lobe last week and this morning i woke up to find blood all over my ear. i have been finding a very small amount of dried blood under the earring around 2 times but barely anything until now. im not sure what to do i have been using the ear solution. should i take out the earrings what do i do im panicking. the earrings are 14 k gold i dont understand what i should do. HELLPPP?!?!?!?!

Super Duper
nothing. it happens. it's happened to me (and ive had mine for 12 years) and it's happened to 2 of my friends. if it happens frequently, then you should be concerned. just don't clean it too much as that can agitate the tissue and actually slow the healing process.

It sounds like its infected if you don't want them anymore then by all means take them out , check the backing is not to tight if it is loosen it slight, ear solutions are good for a while but luke warm salted water works just as well, use cotton wool, soak the wool in the solution and soak the earring and ear, pat dry . if there is pain there too once cleansed use abit of germoline, not only is it a numbing agent but also an antiseptic cream. reminder: don't forget to turn the earring every day as the skin is still healing with clean fingers too. hope it works for you

you probably hit a vein.

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