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 Please help me to treat my severe sunburn? There is pics of it?
Yesterday I went to the horse races, sat outside unprotected from the sun (yes, I know, DAMN stupid but I forgot sunblock and didn't realise I was burning) for about three hours. I now have EXTRE...

 Home Remedies?
I know a couple home remedies such as:

tomato= for sunburn...the acids help to heal it fast

vinegar-honey= for a cold...the vinegar helps to neutralize the bacteria and kill it ...

 how to cure chigger bites ?

 Can anyone tell me please, Is there any good but cheap websites to buy xanax without a prescription?
I have bad anxiety and don't have any health insurance so it is so much cheaper to get them myself. BTW, i have been diagnosed by a doctor with this condition and have already taken xanax 1mg ...

 how do you heal a cut over night?
I had a mat burn on my knee from wrestling that turned in to a full blown cut. It's a little bigger than a quarter, and ive tried wrapping it up, taping it up, bandaids, and wearing knee pads (...

 How do I flush my body of THC?

 who is the hottest woman alive? Adriana Lima!!?
Adriana Lima for sure!

see this video before u answer my question


 How much epsom salt do u put in warm water for an ingrown nail?

 Best way to loose the redness from a sunburn?
I just got a pretty bad sunburn yesterday being outside all day at baseball and softball games in florida. (Bad choice when you a fair skinned redhead with no sun block)
I want to know the best ...

 mosquitos and mosquito bites?
Every time I walk out the door I get bitten by 3-5 mosqitos. How can rid of them near the house? I also am getting scars from scratching so much. What can I wear to keep them off of me?...

 To Pop or Not!?
In pain, went out last night in my new stilettos and was left with three blisters on the bottom of my feet. What is the best course of action? To pop the blister or leave it be?...

 Should i fly on a plane with an ear infection?
My family and I leave Thursday to LA and I have an ear infection. I dont know if its the safest thing for me to fly 6 hours direct flight with an ear infection. What do you think?
thanks to ...

 sugar and soap for an insect bite? my mum swears by this, has anyone else heard of this?

 Help with a tongue burn?
If you burn your tongue, might it shed a thin layer of skin?...

 Husband stung by a bee or wasp?
My husband was on his harley and was stung . How do we know if a stinger is in there its pretty swollen and looks like theres some junk in it .Its on his cheek by his eye....

 I got bite by my m8 dog 2day. It was not a bad but did bleed abit. should i get a tetanus?
is mosly bruse and ...

 Will drinking anti-freeze kill you? Or does it just shut down your kindeys?
I am writting a short book and I was unsure how to create an outcome. A child unknowingly consumes anti-freeze and... I was unsure how the outcome will be in real life, any information on this would ...

 Treatment and care of toe laceration?
So I have a laceration on my toe. It's basically a slice about 1/4" long by 1/8" deep at about a 45 degee angle to the surface of the bottom of my toe right where the joint is. When ...

 what is the best practice after a snake bite?

 Help mosquito bites.?
I got bit on the forehead by a mosquito and its absolutely huge and embarrassing. What can I do to get it to go away quicker?...

why does my stomach get so upset when it rains?This time, it is combined with a headache and body ache!?

El Kabong
Rain storms can push large amounts of pollen and allergens ahead of it.
Could be that too...Like the first answer See Doc about it. you may be suffering needlessly!

It is possible that the change in the air pressure is effecting your systems. it can effect the inner ear as well as other systems. Your body isn't quite adaptable to the change. You might try air sickness pills which you can any pharmacist about. They are sold over the counter.

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