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Need Help Please
white pill round small with 100 printed on one side nothing on other what is it please help im real worried!?
Found this in my chlds pants so worried please help me!! Worried mother

Casey H
Now now, don't be so concerned.

A company will not manufacture poison that looks like a prescription...... It was made for human use.

And pills do not taste good. If your kid is a small child, he/she would probably just spit it out.

If by (small) chance they did swallow one, it probably won't do any harm. One might be surprised at how resilient the human body really is.

....and drugs have crazy designs on the pills, and poison is like yellow or green.

I would take the pill to a pharmacist. Depending on how old your child is, it just may be possible that he/she has taken more than this. It's your job as a parent to find out why he/she has these, identify what it is and if applicable get the nessecary treatment if he really is addicted. BUT! Don't jump to conclusions. He may just have picked it up, or someone may have popped it in his pocket.

Take a look at this and see if this is what it looks like:


If you still have this "pill", take it to a pharmacist (chemist), as soon as possible. You should never hesitate when you suspect poisoning with children. DO IT NOW!!!.

Denise S
bring the pill to a pharmacist, they will be able to identify it

How old is he/she?

call poison control they will know what to do and if you dont know the number call 911 and they will connect you

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