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 ant bite-pregnant?
I am 16 weeks pregnant and believe i got a ant or apider bite over the weekend.Yesterday i called the nurses on call and apparently i don't have any symptoms at all.
Should i get a tetanus ...

 please help ... lump above my ankle?
i have a lump right above my ankle , when i rub it it gets disappear and again it come when i start walking ,, is it something natural or something serious .. what should i do please help me!...

 Bee sting help/advice?
My friend got stung by a bee about an hour ago and she says it really hurts. She's not allergic, but she's never gotten stung before (she's 25) and she doesn't know what to do. I&#...

 How can a bloodclot be identifed?
Should I be concerned about the major bruising and pain I am experiencing after having blood work done?
The nurse had a very difficult time taking blood for my routine blood work on Monday. She ...

 How can I make my Band-Aid less slippery?
I couldn't think of a better way to phrase this question... I have a pretty deep cut on my thumb that I need to keep bandaged. Problem is, when I play basketball, the ball slips out of my hand a ...

 ant bites are painful!?
I just received one and it wasn't from a fire ant, but rather the black ones. But is wasn't those tiny normal black ones, it was this really humongous one, like twice or three times the ...

 What is the importance of doing first aid?

 Is it ok to put Neosporin...?
on a cut "down there"...

 Is it possible that i killed the Nerve's on my Big toe?
I was skateboarding(with a longboard) the other day, and for an hour ive been kicking on the asphalt with just flipflops on, and i think i pushed it and now i cant feel the front part of my bigtoe, ...

 Splinter in heel hurts like hell?
ok you need to know the story first to better understand my question well everyone knows about those plastic mats that go in your computer room to help your roller chair role around easier well there ...

 What's the best home remedy for pink eye?
My newborn is showing a runny discharge from his eye. It's swollen and looks irritated....

 is it bad for a sunburn not to peel?
I was just at marching camp and got really burned during the 4 days. Now it has been a few days and i'm not peeling. It is turnig tan. Is this uncommon. also this is not the first time it has ...

 I got bit by a spider HELP?
Only people who have had past experiences please answer..
Recently i was bit by a spider, I didn't get to see the spider but I know what a bite looks like, it was the size of a golf ball ...

 Scraped my knee and my sister's wedding is in five days!?
Hey guys,
I scratched my knee on the corner of a drawer today. My sister's wedding is on Sat. and my bridesmaid dress is above the knee! Is there anything I can do to make it heal quicker--...

 injured on the jobsite?
if you were injured on the job, would you go home and recuperate, or stay at work? a sharp piece of wood went through my sneakers and punctured my left foot. i just moved slowly from 8-530. i only ...

 How long must I wear a finger splint?
I had my finger slammed in a door. No swelling, just a bruise and bending it is painful. My husband bought me one of those metal splints w/ foam on the inside so I wouldn't move it. I don'...

 Listen i just got this kind of cold and when i go to bed one of my nostrils gets cloged. My throught burns.?
Ive tried spittin the flem out. And tried blowing my nose but it dosent help at all and the vix creme dosent help either. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!...

 My hand has been in a little pain and I have noticed a small bee bee size bump?
inside my palm .5 inches below my middle finger. When touched it hurts. What could it be?...

 I have a cut???
I have a cut on my ankle, I think it was kind of deep... It bled a lot. And I put hydrogen peroxide on it, and when it scabbed, I put neosporin on it and a band-aid, but when I took it off a few days ...

 How to treat/care for Tick Bites?
What is the best way to care for an itchy, irritating tick bite? Any advice on what can be applied to the bites to reduce swelling and speed up the healing process?...

where is my nearest pharmacy open today?
In Marden, Coxheath, Paddock Wood

Chav Princess
Shanghi , China

All ASDA stores that have a pharmacy are now open until 11pm!

maddie xx
go to your local boots or try a supermarket

If you phone NHS 24 they will tell you. Thats what they are there for!!

probably local high street

Mental Mickey
If you have any of the main large supermarkets near you (Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys et al) they nearly always have an in-store pharmacy and will dispense on a Sunday.

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