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 I have trouble sleeping? Can anyone tell me of a natural sleeo aid that works fast?
I sleep somewhat but wake up with aniexty when I do....

 When I have a good laugh,the bottom part of my ribs hurt.It feels as though its tightening up.Why????
I didn't start expriencing this until a few days ago. It feels as though the bottom ribs are squezzing my stomach or something. Any ideas?...

 what are the symptoms of high blood pressure?
I know the doctor say that there are not symptoms but there has to be something anyone who has it do you have any symptoms and If you take medication is that for the rest of your life or can you get ...

 can anyone tell me if you know of a free online reminder, i have to make sure i take my medicine ontime every?
day. i have a pill box, but still forget to take my medicine sometimes, i guess my box just hides from me to test my ...

 wrist support?
is the thing dat goes around your wrist like a wrist band for sprains?? or wat is it ...

 what are the fuctions and duties of administrative staff in hospital.?

 by the year 2030 developing countries will grow by what percent?

 What are the best sneakers for foot problems?
I have a bone spur in the bottom of each heel in which the dr told me to wear these inserts in my sneakers. I wanted to buy a new pair of sneakers and wondered if anyone knows the best ones to buy ...

 Why isn't it easy not being cheesy?

 I want to be a vegetarian, how should I go about it ?

 so i gaged my ear cartilage?
should i clean it like i did when i got it peirced?...

 Doea anyone know where I can get a good holistic massage in Bristol?

 Is it normal to gain weight while you’re trying to quit smoking?
It just so happens that I'm trying to quit smoking and I've noticed that I've gained about 12 pounds....

 I need to know guidelines about workers comp?

 related literature on first aid treatment?

 I sprained my ankle. Do I need...?
I sprained my ankle yesterday afternoon.
It is horribly swollen and I am in terrible pain.

Do you think I need a HOT Girlfriend?...

 how can a person can get slim whebn is the person is sitting in the office whole day?
my working hours are very tough from morining seven to evening 7 . how can io can reduce my ...

 I need a printable fake doctors note to give my boss for being "sick" for a week. Where can i get one?? help!!

Additional Details
need to find one online!!!!!!!!!...

 can cinnamon lower cholesterol?

 Has anyone used vitamin B2 to prevent migraine headaches?
My wife gets them a couple times a month, and we recently heard that B2 can help prevent them, so she has started taking vitamin supplements. Has anyone had any experience with this method of ...

when you get a cold where does all the snot come from is it stored there if not how do we produce it?

We've all got mucus already but when you get a cold, the mucus get's soft and mushy and that's why it goes runny all of a sudden

most times we have sinus drainages that accumulate there and when bacteria form they have nowhere to go so they begin to ease down and also mucus from lungs and we are a mess

The snot is what the body is trying to get rid of. It is mainly stored in the lungs. When you get a cold the body is trying to cleanse them.

There are mucous membranes in your lungs that produce the "snot" in the same way your saliva glands produce saliva. When you are sick, these membranes are inflammed and irritated and they produce more mucous than usual.

This is why we cough -- we cough because our body is trying to expel the excessive mucous from inside our lungs. It's that little tickling sensation you get right before you cough or sneeze.

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