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 why is my do i keep on shaking after drinking coffee? Is is coffee bad for the heart? i never had it before.?

 if i hold to some metal thing or even to my friend why i got an electric shock? why is that?

 Why does my child smell like PICKLES? HELP!?
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 Massage therapy at finish lines of races?
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 To your knowledge who was the first person to die from Euthanasia?
Modernly, by modern means of Euthanasia....

 can petroleum jelly be used in the nostrils? If not, what can be used?

 I can't hear outta one ear, I think that it has air trapped in it. Any ideas on hoe to take the air out?

 What makes you jump when you are falling asleep?

Additional Details
..when you're not quite asleep, not dreaming, and the room is quiet....

 Is there any affordable surgeon that can take care mole removal? I need help.?
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 If you got toilet paper stuck up in our nose would you have to go to the hospital to get it removed?
hey, i cant ...

 Thank you ALL for all your help in answering my last question, but I don't know what to say.?
Hey thank you guys so much for your thoughts on my last question!!! It made me smile and feel like people cared!!! :o')!!!
A few of you started this, but what do I say to them (my parents)...

 has anyone heard of kidneys shrinking?

 If you could have free plastic surgery what would you change about your body?

 how long do colds last?

 what is clonazapam?

 What will it take for people to realize that hiv/aids is out there?

 Any good and kindhearted doctors out there?!!!?
A year ago I was diagnosed with a 1.5 cm stone in my right kidney. The pain at times is totally discomforting. Are there any medicines that can just melt it inside? I couldnt afford expensive ...

 Is there something wrong with my eye?
Every now and then It looks like little bubbles appear in my vision.
I have a stigmatism so could this have anything to do with it our is there something VERY wrong with my eye?
Additional ...

 My overall cholesterol is 196; LDL 128 & HDL 49 - are these levels okay or are they at risky levels?
I was given a very informative answer to my previous question and in that answer I was told the LDL must be low and HDL must be high - how do I know what is high and low for these numbers?...

 what are the health benefits of aquacates or avocados?

when i lay down at night on my right side i feel something move in my upper part of my stomach and kick my bac
my stomach sometimes it takes my breath away it hurts so bad its in the upper right of my stomach and goes into the lower right of my back what could this be tha moves like that? it makes it very hard to turn over in bed because of the pain

Sounds like something serious you should go to the doctors ASAP good Luck

It could be stomach spasms or an ulcer. You really need to see a doctor, sweety. Muscles that go into spasms do indeed move sometimes. You can even see them sometimes in your calves muscles. You could have a spasti colon as well. Let us know what it is and how you're doing when you find out. Tina

If you're a girl maybe you're pregnant. either way see a doctor!

My first thought was something to do with your kidneys, but Im not a doctor- just obsessive-compulsive when it comes to illnesses/diseases

I would go to www.webmd.com and check the symptom checker and most definately go to a Dr.

The Invisible Woman
I don't know if you are a man or woman so I will give you advice for both
Woman You might be pregnant, if you are still having regular periods it can be normal. Go to a OB/GYN or just a GYN
Man or woman You might be constipated and are back up and it can be very painful. It could be apendicitis
The main symptom of appendicitis is belly (abdominal) pain. The pain can feel like indigestion or like you need to have a bowel movement or pass gas.

You may have appendicitis if:

You have pain in your belly. The pain begins around your belly button but is felt all over your belly.
Within several hours, the pain gets stronger and then moves below your belly button on your right side (the lower right quadrant). The pain does not go away and gets worse when you move, walk, or cough.
You have pain in the upper right quadrant.
You feel nauseous or throw up a few times. You also may not feel like eating.
You have constipation, back pain, a slight fever, or a swollen abdomen.
You feel tired and do not have a lot of energy.
I suggest going to the doctor to get checked out.

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