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 How do you get water out of your ear after swimming?
I went swimming last night at a birthday party. I got water in my ear. I tried getting it out by hitting that ear, hitting the other ear, jumping up and down, jumping up and down on one foot, ...

 Have you ever been stung by a scorpion?
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 my 4 yr old son got stung?
My 4 yr old son just got stung by a bee...not sure which kind..i put ice on it, he would only do it for 5 minutes and i put a bandaid with neosporin on it..he seems fine, just holding the bandaid. ...

 What would happen if you stuck your hand in dry ice?
I'm just curious....

 Can a mosquito still bite you through your clothes?
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 What are some quick effective home remedies for flea bites?
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 how far should i stick a q-tip in my ear?

 I just cut my armpit really badly, what should i do?
its bleeding so bad that i have to set a bucket under my arm to catch the blood, i tired using paper towels but it just got really really messy. I cut it with a steak knife on accident if that helps. ...

 can you name the burn cream for me?
i think it might be called aqua flex but its in a red box , its for burns can anyone help?...

 my cousin ate bleeding hearts he ate ten tops what will happen and what do i do?

 can dettol mix with water?

 Help! I dyed my hair yesterday and now it itches SEVERELY bad! How to i get it to stop?!?

 stung by a jellyfish?

 I think I have a spider bite ~ what do I do??
The other night, I spent a few hours outside. When I woke up the next day, I had a small, puffy red welt on the middle of my front left calf. It is also itchy.

I looked closely, but don�...

 I have a bad cut what should I do?
I hit my arm to the wall really bad....

 Putting pressure on a bruise, good or bad?
will putting pressure on a bruise make it heal faster?...

 What are some good questions to ask when considering an Assisted Living Center for your elderly parent?

 Went outside in the snow barefoot, do I have frost bite?
I was chasing my friend outside in the snow and my feet got soo cold. It was about -11 out. My feet dont have blister or anything but the bottoms of my feet hurt really badly when I'm standing ...

 Can you help me to stop bleeding?
When I am shaving I sometimes nick my face or nose, which, although small seems to bleed for ages. I used to use a small white stick, looked like a stick of chalk in a lipstick type holder, it stung ...

 can we bite nails during fast??

dont play wit it
whats the easiest way to get a bandaid off?
see today i was riding my bike drinking a gatorade after the gym...well this car popped outta NOWHERE and idont have brakes...and i tried to stop my bike by putting one foot on the back tire and one on the ground well my pedal sliced my leg open and i started bleeding everywhere...it was a pretty long and deep cut...and i put this GIGANTIC bandaid over it...like its half my calve muscle....and i got really really really hairy legs and it hurts like hell to take bandaids off...how can i get it off easily
Additional Details
ripping it off hurts more than it the cut and riding my bike 6 miles back and all that bull...you dont have really hairy legs you wouldnt understand...unless you do....

Just rip it off. Stop being a scaredy cat

BellaMay♥'s Manny!
Fill your bathtub with either cold or hot water, sit in it for about 20 minutes ( or until the band-aid is loosened, then slowly lift up the corners, if it doesn't hurt, slowly and carefuly hold your leg, and start to peel it off. It it still hurts the only other thing to do with less pain then ripping it off is the lift it up slowly trimming the hairs while pulling:(.
Sorry to hear about the accident.
Good luck , hope I helped!

Are you sure you don't need stitches? Time is of the essence if you do. If not, try clipping the hair around the band-aid. Try ice to numb the area. If you have a open would last thing you want to do is soak in the tub until it is closed.
You can also try baby oil to loosen the adhesive

Soak it with toothache Ambesol for 10 min. and it will come off with no pain.

Try ice to numb the area.

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