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Elizabeth m
what is good for swollen legs could somebody out there give me?
some good remedy for this condition I'm having please don't tell me water pill because i"m taking that right now i want another alternative to this problem please no dum remarks

I would suggest a high quality grape seed/skin extract, along with a good detox formula. If you want an excellent source that is also economical, then ask my dad,,, you can email him at jrb4jc@hotmail.com he doesn't sell it, but can direct you to the right places.

Get off your feet and keep your legs up, (higher than your heart. Same thing happened to me. What Meds are u taking for water, Hydrochlorothiasideor Lasiks. Also if you drink more water you will get rid of more water.

Elevation is the key ... laying flat on your back with your feet elevated above heart level ..

Well other than keeping your legs elevated, I think you need to talk to a doctor to get this taken care of. There may be underlying problems and you need to fix those, and that will fix your legs. Good Luck.

Why are you already taking diuretics? Swollen legs are an indicator of congestive heart failure, in which case an increase in swelling, a weight gain of more than 2 lbs over night or 5 lbs in one week, shortness of breath, or chest pain, needs to be called in to the doctor. Better to catch an exacerbation early.
Has your urination decreased despite the diuretic? because that could signal kidney issues, which would also contribute to leg swelling.
you can try to elevate your legs, laying down with your legs higher than your heart can help. Also try to increase your protein intake, low levels of protein in your diet can make it harder for your body to pull fluid from your tissues back into your vascular space so your kidneys can pee it off.

Dinty Moore
1.elevation at nite
2.low salt diet
3..TED hose available otc at Walgreens. These have a pressure gradient built in that will tend to squeeze the fluid in the leg from low to high and back up to your body;.

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