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 What to do if your skin burns from using a product?

 how do coughdrops work?

Additional Details
how does it scientifically help the body...effects of enzymes?? blood stream??...

 what could a red line running up a childs belly from an area near a tick bite be?

 How can I tell if my 18 month old has ear infection?

Additional Details
Oops, no pulling on ears, fever of 102.5, grouchy. NO other symptoms......

 ear piercing infection ???
My 7yrd old has had her ears pierced for about 6 weeks. Tonight she complained that one of them hurt and a little pus was coming out from the hole. We were planning on taking them out this week for ...

 how do you know if u have mono?
im tired, really ...

 Should I put peroxide or alcohol on my burn?
The blisters have gone away and it looks as if it is starting to heal.
It is 2 inches long and a thin line if that makes any difference.
Additional Details
it is not sunburn it is ...

 what is migraine?
i want to know about ...

 How long does a major sunburn last???Help!?
I got a major sunburn when i went camping and then i am going to this youth thing in a week. it is already peeling which means it was really bad sunburn. i am already applying aloe like 5 times a day....

 i got a really bad sunburn on my stomach. Any ideas how to relieve the pain. I have put after sun burn lotions

 Why do I get goosebumps?

 How do you heal a fever?
Like i am not so sure i have a fever, but i feel hot, and have a terrible headache...i feel like my head is going to EXPLODE *tears*...

 one of my hand feels like it is freezing,,,please help?

 Does anyone know if a condition causes this?
A child whom is physically weak from birth? I'm sorry the details are a bit vague....

 Is it cheaper to buy a first aid supplies in a kit or individually?
Will I save money by just going to the pharmacy with a list and picking up all the things in a kit and putting them in a waterproof tackle-box?...

 I am having severe leg pains...no injury. I was wondering what may be the cause?

Additional Details
I am 44..I do not think growing pains.....

 Can you get ride of a wart on your toe with Duct Tape if you leave it on for a while?

 do cuts heal faster when exposed to air than with a band aid?

 asthma attack while doing cpr?
My girlfriend is trying to leran how to do cpr and ever time she does she ends up having a asthma attack and needing to do a breathing treatment on her nebulizer and almost stops breathing herself!!!<...

 i pierced my ear last week .. it swollen .. EARLOBE HELP!!!?
I pierced my ear last week a wal-mart, it was fine for the first few days, but now i start to feel the pain around my ear lobe, it swollen a little, and sore. It doenst hurt really bad now but i am ...

what is better for you butter or country crock?

If your asking which one is better in a health sense, maragine is, so country crock. If you were to choose a maragaine go for SMART BALANCE, its way better for you than country crock, and it tastes delicous!

Benocal is hands down the best for you, and the flavor is not bad.

healthier for you is Country crock hands down! the reason why is butter has more transfat then margarine. Although I enjoy the taste of butter.

I don't like either because country crock and to much starch and junk in it and butter's hard so I use I can't belive it's not butter...healthy and delicious

Butter but use it sparingly if not at all.
Olive oil is the best choice out of both of them (Extra Virgin) Unnatural sources of saturated fat: margarine, solid vegetable shortening, and all processed foods made with partially hydrogenated oils(country crock) These products, liquid vegetable oils have been artificially saturated with hydrogen to make them solid or semisolid at room temperature and increase their resistance to going bad. Olive oil can be a good replacement even using avocado on your toast instead of butter or margarine.

Butter all the way!

Country Crock is better than butter for me...

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