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 Best way to get rid of blackheads on my nose?

 I'm 24 and recently returned home to visit with my parents. I've only been here for 5 days and I already want
to leave-they are driving me insane...I have not been home for 1.5 years and I want to end my two week visit soon-Would this be really really rude??

The Problem lies with the fact that ...

 if my contact lense is -6, what is my vision, good vision is 20/20?

 what is the page # for pharmcist in occupational oulook handbook?

 Does anyone know what happens if a healthy person takes Nitroglycerin tablets? Is it dangerous?

 I experience frequent sweating in my palms and foot. Whats the remedy?

 What medicine is cymbalta?

 are sleep benefits same as sleep effectiveness?

 i've had back problems for almost 5 years now, i injured the same thing maybe 3 times?
i injured my lower back 3 times, almost 5 years ago i fell on my tailbone skateboarding and never got it looked at. that winter i fell snowboarding and re-injured it. lust last month i was lifting ...

 I'm losing Hair, should i go for tansplantation?
I'm losing hair and there are three options for me....1. Be like the with bald head 2. Fix up a wig 3. Should go for hair transplantation!. Any practical experienced person can share his ...

 how do you get rid of the hiccup-ups?

 how long is too long to get an ingrown toenail looked at?
i've had an ingrown toenail for maybe 3 or 4 years now, i had one taken care up last year and it looks great now, my left big toe is ingrown on both sides. the right side the nail is pushing ...

 I still find it difficult to preform cpr on a full chested woman! Please help!?
I have two female friends who are full chested,and they would like to know!...

 Does watching a rotary ceiling fan hurt a baby's brain development?
Can this cause seizures?...

 can oxygen tubing conduct electricity?
safety considerations of automatic external ...

 if you try to drink a large amount of water all at once, why does your kidneys flush the excess fluid out?
If you work all day and do not drink until the end of the day, and drink only water, what happens to your kidneys?...

 I'm s secretary and I have sit and listen to my nurse manager talk about other employees to other workers?
and her supervisor is also does this. I should not have to listen to this. They both have offices and will not go there. she also interviews at the nursing desk with other employees sitting at the ...

 Why does breathing in Helium gas make your voice sound weird???
We see people doing it all the time, does it affect one's health???...

 whats the best vitimin to give you lots of engery i mean lots of engery?

 IF a person works in very hot weather, is there a law about giving breaks?
I work in a vert hot kitchen without a break for 8.5 hours.( 1/2 hour break a day) I think there is a law about giving employees a break through out the day....

what foods affect blood cholesterol tests,what should I avoid before the test?

Iron Rider
you have to eat nothing but veggies for about a week prior to the test. and don't put butter on them.

the main thing is a 12 hour fast before the test. Other than that eat like you normally do.

Cholesterol testing can only be done every three months and there is a reason for that. The testing is an average reading so what has happened in the last 12 or 24 hours will not alter the test all that much. It isn't repeated for three months in order for any changes that have been made to appear on the retesting. The point of the test is to determine your cholesterol and triglyceride levels for the purpose of enhancing your health. If you aren't interested in an accurate result so you can make dietary changes then I must agree with above that there really isn't much point in wasting time and money on this.

Eat like you normally do before the test. That way you will have an accurate assesment from it. Otherwise, don't take the test. Cause it doesn't even make sense to cheat your way through it. It is completely voluntary.

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