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 I can't get my ring off my finger! My knuckle is larger than my ring now and I just can't get it off!?
I would not even think of taking it off but my wife noticed that the ring has been getting just a bit smaller than my finger. Now, I have been gaining some weight in the past 3 years - about 30 ...

 Can I drink out of a Oxiclean bottle?
For Halloween this year I'm dressing as Billy Mays and planned on drinking out of a Oxiclean spray bottle. I plan on cleaning the bottle as well as I can. Would this be bad for my health? Could I...

 Home Remedies Needed for a Minor Burn!! IMMEDIATLEY!! PLEASE!!?
I have this minor burn but it hurts really bad. It is really little but some of my skin came off. I was wondering if there were any home remedies to heal the burn and stop the pain. Please tell me ...

 i just got stung by a bee/hornet thing what di i do to make it feel better?
what do a put on the sting i tryed mud it kinda works but it still hurts like heck please ...

 Can you put hydrocortizone cream on a cat?
My cat has an unusual wort looking thing on him and when I was petting him white stuff was coming out of the wort and it looks infected. We will take him to the vet as soon as possible but our friend ...

 how to cure bee sings HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT HURTS!!!?
i got stung by a bee it hurts rele badly!!!! omg it just happend idk wat to do helpp!!!!!!!!!!
Additional Details
ok im putin ice on it but its meltin so its basicly cold water it ...

 what is the best way to sleep?

 has anyone recently lost a family member to cancer?
i lost my daddy a few months ago. he had lung cancer which had spread to the brain. It all happened so fast. I was just minutes away from seeing him in his final moments, but i guess fate wanted ...

 Where can I volunteer as a First Responder?
I am attending a 4 year University and I am about to start my sophomore year. I recently changed my major from Psychology to Nursing and will be starting my classes next semester.

But I ...

 what to eat and drink when an 8 year child is having infected tonsils?

 how do you heal the sting of a burn after ice, water and cooling gel have failed?
i burnt my finger really bad, it still hurts after 6 hours and i've held ice on it constantly and rubbed cooling gel on it for a while, and i ran it under cold water for about a constant 25 min. ...

 I got my septum pierced...?
but my ring didn't want to go though; so I pierced it again and still it didn't want to go though. How long should I wait until it close to get it pierced again?*ouch*...

 terrible sunburn!!!! pleeeeeeaaaaaaase help!?
what do i do to keep it from blistering? what do i put on it? its on my legs, stomach and back, and it hurts alot. i just want it to fade quickly, and most of all, not blister! what should i do? ...

 I cut some of my finger nails too short!?
what can i do to stop the ...

 Why people smoke when they know that they'll get sick and " quit " ?

 I have a very serious case of dry, chapped lips. What can I do to prevent them from happening?
Also, what is the best remedy for dry, chapped lips? I have been using Carmex, it is helpful. Also, should I drink plenty of water to prevent them from happening(how much water)?...

 Will I get fat?
I eat lots and lots, and I never put on much weight. Does this mean when I get older that I will get really over-weight?...

 Why does liquid hand soap have an expiration date?!!!?
will it be harmfull if used after it expires?...

 do you think that it is dangerous for a diabetic to snort coke?
my friend is diabetic, and she wants to do coke, but i told her that it is dangerous. would a diabetic snorting coke have a different effect then a regular person?...

 how do i heal a infected ear?
ok i just got my ears pierced for the 3rd time. i mean like 3rd whole. and it realllllllllllllllly hurts! i think it might be infected. what can i do too heal it? thank you!...

h m s cheer :)
what does it mean when you put your index finger and pinky finger up?

john e russo md facm faafp
In Austin, Texas it means 'hook em horns' and is the rally cry of the Texas Longhorns of the University of Texas. I am also aware of an Italian ethnic meaning although the palm of the hand faces outward rather than inward in which case is means 'malochi' (phonetic spelling) or 'evil eye'. There may be more vulgar meanings as well.

american sign language: i love you
'hook 'em, horns' texas a&m
'rock &roll'

Carlos D
It has several meanings. One of the answers is correct. The U O T Longhorns sign. Also happens in alot of heavy metal rock concerts. Possibly demonic. And in Spain it can mean that your wife or husband it getting a little to friendly with some one who is not you. Pegar los Taros.

rock on

some people think its horns (like satan) but if you stick your thumb out its sign for i love you

It is the University of Texas sign "Hook 'em Horns"

love you

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