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 Why are my eyelids swollen shut?
I woke up this morning with a splitting headache. I walked into the bathroom and looked into the mirror and was shocked to see my eyelids were so swollen I almost couldn't open my eye. In fact ...

 how do you get rid of the sting of sunburn,with something I may have at home.?
I really hurt.
Additional Details
I tried vinegar it did`nt work but thanks....

 my son burnt his hand on boilng milk in his cookery lesson today?
he sent me a txt and is on his way home with a bandage - when he burt his hand on the milk he held it under cold water straight away for about 5 minutes - just wondering what i should do when he gets ...

 54 yr old woman rash started on left side of chin working down to chin bumpy & scaly, what is it?

 chocolate cravings?
Why do you crave chocolate when your pre-menstrual? Does it help you not be so moody?...

 I just got a small cut on my hand and its like swelling around it?
I was using a knife and it slipped, it was a clean knife i just washed it but not its like swelling around it. WHat should i do?...

 what causes muscle craping in calf muscles?

 How does it feel to break your virginity?
Like how was it?...

 What is the avarage pulse rate????????

 Do you have a secret that anyone dont know about you?

Additional Details
And whats that secret? If it is ok for you. ;)...

 child cut face?
my daughter cut her face yesturday (she is 3) it has stopped bleeding but still oozes... should I take her to the ER?...

 Please help! I am on medicaid and they don't pay for patches to quit smoking..is there anywhere I can get help
I can't afford to buy the patches to help me...can anyone tell me if there is somewhere that will provide assistance for me to get the patch to stop smoking. I have tried to quit several times ...

 I got a bee sting how do i get rid of the swelling?
my middle finger got stung and for some reason my fingers beside it and the knuckle part is swollen as well.
and as im typing this i swear its gettin bigger.
am i allergic? and how can i ...

 is good idea be vegetarian?
I want to be vegetarian, but I wanna be sure if it is a good ...

 I got cut and something like water started coming out of my arm, what the hell is it?
Me and my friends were just playing and then i accidentally stabed myself with my pen and somthing like water and oil came out from my wound, what the hell was it?????...

 all i wanna know why do u(westerns) ppl use paper toilet instead of water when cleanin' up urselves??
dont u think that cleaning with water is much more better n cleaner than just wiping??esp. women how do u do it?...

 What is the internation signal that someone is choking?
Please answer quickly, the dude at the next table is turning blue....

 I accidentally a whole bottle of Coca-Cola... what should I do?!?

 Where can i get ipecac syrup??
I was just wondering if ipecac syrup is available in canada?? More specifically in Ontario Or Quebec?...

 QUICK! HELP! PLEASE HURRY!! How do you treat a gun shot wound to the left shoulder?

what do you for over amping on meth?


get to a hospital or have a heart attack and die

man, people on here can be so self righteous. If going to the hospital is not an option then here are some quick fixes for most stimulants, including meth, drink some milk this coats the stomach and lessens the acidity which prolongs a "high." Eat a piece of bread, again this absorbs whatever is in your stomach and carbos in the blood stream will of course slow you down just like any other time when you are high or not. A great deal of meth users also claim that weed is the main "come down" aid. Eating anything is of course helpful, taking a warm shower, things like that. Hope that helps.

Call 911. They will help you. They will not arrest you. trust me, I used to be a meth addict.


stop doing meth

Please go to the hospital. Meth can cause your heartbeat to get to rapid then fibrillate. You can die from that. They can also help you get some help if you are willing. Please get help.

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