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gurl na mhalufetz
what are the general directions in giving first aid?
it is about first aid....
the steps in giving first aid

Check for pulse, check they're breathing. If no pulse apply CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) Where one person places heel of palm one hands space below hollow of neck where the sternum is and apply cardiac massage 10 times, then the person at the mouth applies one decent breath, repeat until pulse and breathing appear. For basic first aid use gloves and apply band aids to cuts. If the cut is deep and spurting, apply pressure until ambulance arrives. For snake bites etc the tourniquet is now not used, simply raise the limb and call an ambulance. I know there's more but I can't think what. I hope this helps.

Do not move the injured.

Keep them warm.

Keep them calm, and reassure them until help arrives...

Here's a link to the redcross for classes and info. Take a class so that when the need arises your up to speed. I took one a couple years ago and believe it or not have needed it a couple times. Glad I took it.

emergent scene management - so like acess hazard and number of casualty and severity of situation and if you need get some one to call an ambulance, ask bystandard or the injured person the history of the accident so like what happened,events leading, ask for key stuff like allergy, general medical stuff and you have to access how alter of you patient is too
abc-so check for clear airway, steady breathing, pluse rate and strength
rapid body survey to check for blood other wounds and stuff like that
at this point you have to acess how severe the situation is if not to serious just do a detailed accessment of the injury
apply treatment if possible or put the person in correct position like recovery or shock
then record your form if you have one.
generally that is what you have to do but for every scenario there is a specific protocol to follow....
i hope this helps

First you must ensure/control the AIRWAY so air can enter the lungs. (consider spinal imobilization at this time) Then you must ensure adequate BREATHING (12-16 breaths per minute) After thisyou check for CIRCULATION by checking the pulse. Now you should control any major bleeding through the use of a bandage, pressure dressing, or torniquet. If there is only one person, this might be the time when an IV is established. After that you would do a sweep of the patient to check for bleeding, fractures and burns. Addrees each problem as you come to it. treat bleeding before fractures and fractures before burns. After this you would check for head injuries. (bruising around eyes and ears, known as battle signs, dilated or unresonsive puples) After this, you would role the patient onto their side so that you can check the back for injuries. Do not role the patient if there are signs of a pelvic fracture. If you don't know first aid, this may be the way to go. The more trained you are, the more it changes. You shouldn't worry about a defibrillator unless you know how to use one. They are "automatic" and "dummy proof" so if your the only one there, maybe try it, otherwise, ask if someone else knows how to use it.

If you are in a combat/unsafe environment, you may want to consider working your ABC's backwards. This is known as Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3).

For what? Bleeding? Direct Pressure. Choking? Heimlich maneuver. Burns? Cold Water........

First Aid rules is D.R.A.B.C.D

D = DANGERS - To your self, bystanders and then the victim. Always in this order. (Call emergency services)

R = RESPONSE - Of victim/casualty (C.O.W.S. Can you hear me, Open your eyes, Whats your name, Squeeze my hands)
(Call emergency services if you have not already)

A = AIRWAYS - Open airways, clear any signs of blockages (roll onto side to clear)

B = BREATHING - LOOK and FEEL for movement to the upper abdomen/lower chest. LISTEN and FEEL for the escape of air from nose and mouth.
If BREATHING then roll into Lateral/Recovery position, monitor casualty/victim.
If NOT BREATHING commence CPR, starting with 2 BREATHS.

C = COMPRESSIONS - 30 COMPRESSIONS (almost 2 compressions/ second) followed by 2 breaths.

D = DEFIBRILLATIONS - Attach AED if available (Automated External Defibrillator, need training for this)

Emergency Action Principles
Survey Scene (what is the cause)
* Car Accident
* Chemicals etc
Primary Survey (Dangers)
* Number Casualties
* Electricity
* Chemicals
Emergency Help
* Which Services are needed
Secondary Survey (Response)
* Prioritize order of assistance
* Tilt head back (some times this is all that is needed)

First Aid aims too;
Promote a safe environment
Preserve life
Prevent injury or illness from becoming worse
Help promote recovery
Protect the unconscious
Reassure the ill or injured.

The First Aiders aims to prevent;
Further danger to himself, others or the casualty
The casualty dying
The casualty’s condition becoming worse
Delay in the casualty’s recovery
Any harmful intervention.

The First Aider must then;
Calm and reassure the victim/casualty
Keep them comfortable
Dress any wounds with appropriate bandaging, taking care not to cause any further pain, or unnecessary movement.

A good First Aider will have a good 1st Aid kit, and be qualified in First Aid. As you are trained to recognise serious/life threatening conditions, and how to manage them, which CAN NOT be taught on line.

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