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 sunburn and aloe vera help for a very burnt girl?!?
im 16 and got really burnt today
i am already tanned but i can feel the burn is bad
does putting lots of aloe vera on make it blister?

 What do I do if my ear canal is bleeding constantly?
So about 3 weeks ago I went to get my ears cleaned and my doctor said that there was crystallized blood in my ear. He had to literally tear it out and I really bad. He said it would make my hearing ...

 Only my left earlobe is bleeding! Why?
I have had my ears pierced for 13 years and have never had this problem. Recently my left ear lobe has been irritated- but I've been able to wear my earings with no issues. Tonight I took my ...

 Everytime I eat, I get something stuck in my windpipe and in really bothers me!?
Everytime I eat, I get something stuck in my windpipe. It's become more and more easier to happen since days ago. I had a doctor look at it, but he didn't say anything was abnormal. Now, I ...

 Foot Splinter Problem, Help Please?
Hey Everyone,

I've been having this weird bump on the bottom of my heel for about 2 months or so now. At first I neglected it, thinking it was just some type of blister, But now I...

 Poison Ivy? I am struggling with it body and garden?
I thought I got it all, I came into contact 3 years ago, I have done all the reading up through the internet and also any articles I can find. I have been to the Doc's and have prescription ...

 i have a burn on my breast...how can i make it go away quickly?
well i was hanging out with my friend and the ditz she is she spilled her hot drink all over the front of me and i got burned on my breast. it blistered and the blister broke and the skin came off ...

 I cut my finger and i think that its infected?
well i hit my finger on the car door while it was closing. and it started bleeding so i put a bandade on it. on the secong day. my finger was bent and i couldnt put it straight up like the rest of my ...

 Why can't you hear out your ear when it is ringing?

 How do you treat an ingrown fingernail? It really hurts...?

Additional Details
I don't bite my fingernails and I only cut them about once a month or two. Never had an ingrown fingernail before. Had an ingrown toenail, but it was so bad, ...

 How to cure salt and ice burns?

 Jammed Finger?
Alright, so I play tennis and yesterday, my finger got pulled away from its fingernail and it started bleeding. This happened to my thumb once, but that was because a fingernail broke and my ...

 First Aid course: part two?
As in the earlier question, i've done a first aid course before, in CPR about 3 years ago, but now i'm looking for a part time job, am 18. Just a part time job in retail, which one from the ...

 Ear cartilage question??
I had been wanting to get my cartilage((ear)) pierced for a while so on my 16th birthday my mom let me get it done. I got it done at Claire's, so they used the gun.

3 weeks later, I ...

 Can you play basketball when you have a blood blister?
I have a blood blister on my shooting hand and its on my middle finger. Can I play with it?...

 I have a strange mosquito bite. What do i do?
im in china over summer vacation and the mosqutos there are killing me. it looks like a bubble of poison or something and a rash around it. HELP?!
WARNING! disgusting picture http://img292....

 How to make a sunburn stop hurting?
I'm 100% Irish and extremely fair, so I burn easily. I had on SPF 50 and was outside for an hour. Luckily, only my shoulders got burnt, but they are the worst I've ever gotten. I know that ...

 Really full heavy ear?
I have an ear infection and my ear feels really heavy and full, and I actually can't really hear through it. Is this normal, or is it clogged up with like... ear liquids?...

 Midge Bites - Antihistamine?
Does Antihistamine help with Midge Bites?
Additional Details
I am specifically trying to find out whether antihistamine helps with Midge bites. I am not sure whether Midges actually ...

 Swallowing Nail Polish Removal?
I had Nail Polish Removal on my hands, and I went to the sink in the kitchen to wash them. But then there was this basket of lettuce, and when I was washing my hands, I splashed a little of the water,...

wat should u do if u have a piece of food stuck in your throat but it's not bothering u?
i was just eating beef and a piece of thyme(it's a long and thin branch and about 2 inches long) that was stuck to the beef got lodged in my throat but it's not bothering me. i want 2 know if it'll bother me in the future and wat should i drink to digest it and can it digest?

I once got a funyun stuck in my throat and I was horrified! lol, so I would be freaking out, however, it will eventually work itself down. If it is really bothering you you should go to the ER.

Well, try like getting it out with your fingers-even try like throwing up! I would drink water-maybe it will ease it through your throat.

Dinky Butt Sniffer
y does it matter if it not bothering you. drink something. y event post the question?

Depending on how far down your throat it is, you should try and get it out with your fingers...Don't use tweezers or anything like that or you could damage your esophagus. It's not good to ingest something like that because it's indigestable cellulose, rigid and relatively sharp. I wouldn't recommend drinking water or eating food to try and get it down. It could cause damage to your gastrointestinal tract.

If you really can't get it out, go to the ER and they can dislodge it. If it's not bothering you now, it probably will soon.

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