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 Any remedies for bee stings?
We have a ridiculously serious bee problem. My husband was attacked earlier today but only 6 of them got him. Any suggestions?...

 burn from a hot glue gun?? QUICK!!?
i was glueing my belt back together.. some glue dripped on the counter and i stupidly swiped it with my left index finger. i quickly took the glue off and ran it under cool water for about a min. but ...

 i just burnt 3 of my fingers cooking
they hurt soooo bad, was not paying attention and i thought i was reaching for the spoon but i got the pot insetad:( HOW CAN I GET RID IF THIS PAIN!!! PLEASE!
Additional Details
one of ...

 What is the best thing to take to prevent mosquito bites?

 Why do you sometimes get a beep or tone in your ear?
Well I have always wondered why occasionally you get a constant beep or tone in your ear. For me it lasts probably on average 10 seconds. Why does that happen?...

 How Long Should I Wait Before I Go To The School Nurse, Or Doctors?
I'm 16, and the part between my thumb and my wrist has been hurting me. At times I've had severe pain, and then other times, I've had pain. The pain is also sometimes in my wrist. My ...

 Whats wrong with my daughter?
My daughter seems to be quite ill. She has the following symptoms:
-She can't eat anything, and if she does she pukes it back up
-She cant even drink a certain ammount without being ...

 how can i get rid of over sleeping?please..help me out?

 What causes you to lose your hair?

 Foam ear plugs???
Do they block out the noise? Does it work well?...

 I have a bug bite on my finger.Is this nomel?

 URGENT how to remove a tick?
I have a tick on my back that is latched but is not engorged and i need to get it off now.
Its 4:15 in the morning here so i cant get anyone to help me out.
I can reach it with my fingers ...


 I bite my nails and I have tried to stop is there any remedies or a way to stop.?

 what are some good items to put in a homemade first aid kit?

 What do you think about a man that want her ex-girlfriend to commit abortion? is he just scare?
or really dont want to take the responsability?
Does staying with him is worthable?...

 What to do?
What should you do if you are alone with a cardiac arrest patient and no one is around to call for help or get the defibrillator?...

 Do you get enough Iron?
Look at your hairbrush. are you shedding more than 100 strands a day? if so you may not be getting enough iron in your diet. W/ out it you can become anemic, which means the cells in your body aren�...

 I have a sore throat and now my left ear is aching and I can't hardly hear out of it. Any remedies?

 How long does it take for a torn muscle to heal?
I tore a muscle in my neck about 7 weeks ago, dunno how cos I was asleep at the time!! I've got almost full movement back, but still can't look over my shoulder without it hurting. It doesn&...

tea tree oil or neosporin?
which is better for speeding healing and preventing infection+scars?

Neosporan or Triactine. Helped with my scars.

Tea tree oil wins hands down. It's good for so many things. Nail fungus, insect bites, etc. It's a natural product made from the evergreen trees in Australia. There is shampoo, toothpaste and more made from it. Any natural product is far better than any that man can manufacture.

Diane A
tea tree oil is an antiseptic, so its pretty caustic to keep applying to wounds--it kills the "new" healing cells as well as anything else. The America College of ER docs has published studies that show the best wound care to be flushing with water (with soap or not). Then the antibacterial ointment (use polysporin--many are allergic to neo mycin) keeps the wound moisturized & supple which is what is needed to reduce scaring. Also use sunblock after as sun increases scarring.

Nan's cat Tigger
I know neosporin works well, and the generic brands of antibacterial ointment work just as well.

100% neosporin, results are pretty fast too.

Deaf wolf
neosporin. After a bad accident, my face was messed up pretty bad. After tons of neosporin, you can hardly tell there are scars. The only problem is my facial hair doesn't grow as much on that side.

Cleaning properly, keeping clean, then any OTC first aid cream/ointment (can be generic even) Neosporin,TripleB or the likes. Then for prevention of undue scarring, apply Vitamin E oil once healing has begun. Aloe is also very good. Tea tree oil will be a bit inflammatory for open wounds, although it can be very healing for skin rashes, etc. I have used it for my anilmals with dilution rates of aloe & Calendula, but I suggest one does not use straight tea tree oil for anything without knowledge of the product. Take care~

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