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Jeannie K
sometimes my eyes burn/sting. what's going on?

Eyes are very very precious parts of our body. You must visit an eye specialist without loss of time.


well sometimes there is germs in the air these germs intend to go into your eyes sometimes relax it happens to everyone

Maybe your sitting too close to the T.V, computer screen, etc.

Buy some moisturizing eye drops to moist your eyes abit and try and not sit to close to the light or Television.

ice man
too much cannabis sativa yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I get this due to allegries. My husband, who swore he never
had allergies, has developed them as an adult.

Keep some Visine type of drops on hand. They seem to help him, but don't do me any good. Go figure.

But you should probably see an opthomologist just in case.
Good luck.

Go see ur doctor or eye doctor please. This could turn out to be more serious.
Good luck!!!!

Ok.. my bros eyes do that go see a doctor.

It could be allergies because I have the same problem.
Your eyes dry out. My hubby puts in Tear Gel which
moistens my eyes. It really helps. But, it might be a good
idea to check and make sure that nothing else is going on.
Our eyes are to precious to not take care of them. : }

i dont know, it dose that to me to. i dont know what gose on so i have to use ee drops but it only hapens once in a while. but maye its from crying? or your alirgic or something?

Right now there are a lot of very small nasties out there floating around and a lot of people have allergies. Hopefully it will go away after a few freezes if not I'd see a doctor pronto!

you could have dried out eyes
or if u wear contacts it is probably time to swich for a new pair

You could have dry eyes going on or you my be allergic to something in the air. It's according to when it happens, how often it happens. Could be something in the air.

dried out eyes go to ur doctor

It's probably eye strain--glasses or contacts will help. Sometimes, it's allergies but either way, you need to see an ophthalmologist.

J to the Z
stop letting him shoot that **** in your eye

M 1 A .
low humidity this time of year makes it really dry outside

Mazen H
I occasionally get burning eyes. The doctor said I have eye allergies and gave me allergy eye drops. Go see the eye doc!!

Use eyedrops and flush your eyes often. Don't cry alot and possibly make an appointment with an eye doctor.

go to a doctor..you may have like a bacterial infection or allergy or summit

You could have allergies.

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