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 i had a severe concusion where I had short term memory loss, how can i test my memory?

 i have a mosquito like bite on my vegina?
i have a bug like mosquito like bite on my vegina area it itches and idk what it is and im a vergin so its not an std plz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

 QUICK!!! How do I report a yahoo! user who i think is on drugs?
their acting very "high" on acid on their webcam, yahoo knows their ip # how do i report them??? i need help now!!! they might be in danger!!!...

 I have bad pains in my foot and shins and my doctor is puzzled and cant figure it out any suggestions?

 hydrogen peroxide?
Does any know what would happen if a grown adult drank 2 or 3 oz. of hydrogen peroxide? My drunk friend just drank some and I'm worried about it!! Thanks for any help. Please don't ...

 There was a wasp in my bathroom, it stung me, how do I treat the sting?
I've never seen a wasp here in LA but when I got out of the shower today and put on my shorts there was one on my knee and stung me..I killed it shortly afterwards. The sting hurt, and it is ...

 s.o.s.. help me. i have a pink eye and what can i do?
im just too broke to see a doctor.
any advice, remedies or prescription would be very helpful.
thanks in advane!!...

 helpppppp!!!! please?
is my friend anorexic??
she dosen't like to eat around ppl
she is skinny but thinks she is fat
she is 11 5 foot 6 and 93 pounds

is she anorexic

and in case ...

 whats worse: freezing almost instantly or burning instantly?

Additional Details
and no, im not going to try any of these. that would be ...

 Why is there blood coming out of my ear?
I've got blood coming out of my ear. It's not a scratch or anything, it's actually coming out of my earhole....

 Nausea after a cup of tea!?
I just had a cup of tea and felt extremely sick and hot! (didn't actually be sick)

After 10 minutes or so I felt Absolutely fine

What could this be??...

 Dry Cracked Fingers Help?
Ok i have a problem. My Fingers are constantly cracked and dry.. I have used so many products and prescription product but it seems not to work. It sometimes clear up for couple of days but when i go ...

 razor burn and accidentally putting deodorant on it ! HELP?
kay so when i was taking a shower and shaving my armpits, i accidentally cut myself and i got razor burn. then idk wat i was thinking..when i got outta the shower i put deodorant on
and the ...

 Why are the A.B.C.'s most important in first aid ?
Why are the A.B.C.'s most important in first aid ?
for soccer sports , or any sports ?...

 my skin changes color when I drink?
It takes days for it to go back to its normal color but just one day of drinking to mess it up why and what can I do to return it back to its old self....

 How do you "unstuck" you fingers when you accidentally superglued them together?
Yes i know. stupid thing to ...

 Do you think this is a brown recluse spider bite?
http://i148.photobucket.com/albums/s40/staceyjenkins420/Bites/Bite.jpg I just got bit ...

 Best remedy for a mosquito bite?

 Boil and a fever...how long do i wait?
I got a medium size boil appear today accompanied with a 101 fever. Is this something I should run to the emergency room for or wait and see if the fever breaks?...

 How to Soother Tongue Burns?
Is there a way to cool down your tongue (without water duh) after maybe a burn from hot chocolate or maybe a piece of pizza. I really would like to know......

if you get badly burned, and a bubble forms...should you pop the bubble or just don't touch it?

if you have this you have what is called a 3rd degree burn and it needs to be left alone, just cover it and go to the Doctor,bursting the blister/blisters will let infection in and depending on the size of the blister's may cause you to lose what is called interstitial, and cause you more problems, needs medical intervention now.

dont toch it

don't touch it. might lead to infection. if goes very bad, see a doctor, depends on how big,,it could lead in infection. always clean the burned area with disinfectant.

leave it alone

Dont touch it for about two weeks, if it hasnt gone away by then then still leave it alone but keep rubbing antibiotic cream and it should pop itself when it is ready... that's just your body shielding itself so dont mess with it. Its its own way of curing.

Don't tough it! You'll end up with a scar.

Don't touch it. Let it burst on its own. Clean it with some disinfectant so it does not get infected because it is basically an open sore, ecpessially when it finally burst on its own.

Is there water in it? If it's been a few day I stick a needle in it and let the water come out. But if it's still real sore or hurts I'd leave it along for a few days.

don't touch it it will get infected

It depends on how big the bubble is. A large burn needs to treated at a medical facility. A small burn should be cleansed with soap and water. The skin is already irritated so do not put alcohol or peroxide on it!! Protect it with a clean dressing.I would apply triple antibiotic ointment such as neosporin. The bubble is not bodies way of protecting itself. The clear fluid inside is due to tissue damage. Try to keep the bubble intact as this will provide greater protection from infection. Your body will reabsorb the fluid in the bubble.

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