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 How can you tell if a bug bite you've been scratching is infected?

 Help sore throat how do i get rid of it...?
I have a sore throat ive had it about 2 weeks now.. i went to the doctor he did a throat culture and its not strep. he said it was viral and would run its coarse within a week. its almost been a week ...

 Why do paper cuts sting so much?
Today, I didn't realize that I had a paper cut until I put hand sanitizer on AND IT REALLY STUNG A LOT !
After that, it started itching.
I know why it stung when I put hand sanitizer ...

 How can i tell if i have internal bleeding?
i was boxing some kid several hours earlier today and he got a good hit in on my nose(we wore mouth guards, gloves, and wrap, but no head gear.) a few hours after the match, my nose still hurt (im ...

 Internal bleeding in the head? Or being to paranoid?
Okay, so my friend sort of stabbed me in the head with a ruler, I did get slapped on the head a few times as a "Joke" by some friends, but that surely didn't cause any internal ...

 Head bleeding, What should i do?
What do you do if your head is bleeding? Its not a bad bleeding... i picked at my head and now its bleeding......

 What is the best way of cleaning a burn?
I was using a hot glue gun, and it was at an extremely hot temperature, smoking as it came out. I somehow touched my finger on the glue and it burned through the skin, it didn't stick it just ...

 what would make someones eye swell?
i havent been hit but my eyes keep ...

 post-surgery scar - what to put on?
i had stitches removed from the top of my hand about two weeks ago. my plastic surgeion instrcuted me to put on "la roche-posay cicaplast" to help tthe scar heal, but it is not working that ...

 Bump/Swollen behind the ear..sore neck?
If you place your fingers on the bone directly behind your ears.. the one on my right side has been swollen for the last couple of days. It's pretty sore, too, and my neck on the right side has ...

 If I let a blackwidow spider bite me how bad will it hurt?

 Did i get bit by a spider or something else?
i think i got bit by a spider monday moving furniture. It hurts (but it is new so...). the bite looks like this...its a little red around where the spider bit me at, 2 little black lines (the red is ...

 Hornet sting.. what to use?
I know wasp, and bees but not hornets! what can i use for a repeatedly hornet sting? it was a small black and yellow hornet......

 My toe is hurting like heck and there is puss coming out ?
I think that it is a ingrown toe nail. I've trimmed it so much to where my nail is so short that I can't trim it anymore. It still hurts.

Additional Details

 How can I make my cuts and bruises heal faster without products?
I'm very active and clumsy, I have multiple bruises and a few cuts on my legs. I'm going to the hot springs this Friday and wearing a bikini, and I want them to heal before then. Any tips ...

 i have a big baseball game tonight but i have pioson ivy?
its on my ankle.
what could i do,and what should i do from rubbing on my ...

 Accident-proof Medic Alert Bracelets?
I'm looking for a medic alert bracelet that can't be set off accidentally-- Perhaps one with a flip-top cover like a pocket watch. Is there such a thing available?...

 My lip is swollen, how to get rid of it?
I don't know how I got it?
I just woke up and my top lip was swollen?
Is there anyway to get rid of it?

Thanks (:...

 How can coaches tell if a player has a Concussion?
I am a volleyball coach and wanted to know how to tell if a player gets a concussion. I know if it is serious, they will get knocked out... but what are other signs if they don't go unconscious?<...

 How do i get rid of a bellybutton infection?
i got my belly button peirced 5 months ago
and ever since its been getting infected
no matter WHAT i do, i'v tried soft soap, hydrogen peroxide,
tea tree oil and a bunch of other ...

i have a gash on my hand, tips to take care of it?
it happend yesterday, its pretty bad, i stopped the bleeding, i just want to make sure it heals properly

Epsom salts with water for 30 minutes, buy epsom salts at pharmacy and also get antibiotic neosporin and antibiotic wipes. Leave hand in water for 30 minutes and then clean througly with wipes then apply neosporin

ashlee t
depending on how big it is us a band aid with butterfly which is like stitches

Clean the wound with soap and water. Apply a thin layer of plain honey, and cover with a sterile bandage. The honey will kill any bacteria in the wound and prevent any bacteria from invading the wound. Repeat this process every morning until the wound scabs over or heals (wounds that are kept covered don't always form scabs).

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