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i cut my mole off myself. now it is bleeding. help?
i was stupid and cut off a mole myself. now it is bleeding, how do i get it to stop??? i have a cotton ball and some medical tape over it now. it seems like it is not bleeding as much as it was though. any advice..(besides going to the doctor)

Stormy G
Aha smart *** nice one moles are cancerous and I'm being home schooled right now ah.

ohh woww. that was
stupid. just keep pressure
on it thought, itll probably
turn into a scab.. eventually
so lets hope it wasnt a big mole
or one thats very see-able

Dare L
that was a baddd idea

Zaina N
make sure to keep it sanitised ... and i really advice to get it checked

i suggest u stich it up. i had a mole removed and the process need more care than u think.

That grossssss.....There was most likely no point in doing that it's probably going to grow back.

jennifer c
Your blood should eventually clot and it will not bleed anymore, I do not think you can lose enough blood from that to hurt you. My son has nose bleeds and he loses a lot of blood and it does not harm him and he is only six. I would put neosporin on it and keep it clean, so it does not get infected or it will look worse than it did before. The more neosporin you put on it the better, it will help it heal faster and stop bleeding. Try going to Webmd.com and see what they say too.

Bitter Sweet♥
first off you need to clean it which will really BURN...
but use a cotton swab and clean it with rubbing alchol or peroxide
then absorb the blood after you clean it...
then put shea butter or a small tip of vaseline and secure with a bandaid or something..
everday clean it with rubbing alcohol or peroxide and put a new bandaid on it until it is fully healed...
by the way did that hurt? :(
good luck

Don M
Allow it to heal while applying topical anti-biotics.Then see Your MD to have it removed properly.Check for redness and swelling around the affected area for infection in the meantime

eryca k
There's nothing you can do but go to the ER or see a dr. Try putting a little neosporin on it.

just keep applying pressure. it's nothing serious

Ouch. You should have let a doctor such as a dermatologist do it. Just apply pressure to it until it stops bleeding.

John S
Usually, a mole will have more blood supply than normal skin. You probably cut the roots what has a lot of blood vessels. It could take a day to stop bleeding. Don't worry unless the bleeding is heavy.

The bad news is its probably going to scar. The good news is it will probably look BA.

Usually if you apply pressure to a cut it wont bleed as much. If you don't want to go to the doctor (which you probably should), I'd say just wait it out. Eventually it will stop bleeding. Either that or you'll pass out from blood loss. hah.

he best way to stop it is to...stop it. Put pressure directly on the wound. hold the blood on the wound and help the components of the blood to stick together, promoting clotting.
If the gauze soaks through with blood, add another layer. Never take off the gauze. Peeling blood soaked gauze off a wound removes vital clotting agents and encourages bleeding to resume.

why did u do that??? :| u should leave that to the professional

ouch, that can get easily infected now, nice one.

moles can turn cancerous if you play with them too much as well :d

It will stop eventually. I accidentally scratched one off of myself once. It bled a lot. I didn't think that it was going to stop but it did. Also it was on a Sunday so I couldn't go to the doctors. Only emergency room. So I called the doctor. He told me to cauterize it. I obviously didn't do that. Especially being that it was a small mole on my scrotum. Any way after a few hours it finally quit. Put ice on it.

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