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preeti p
i always have this sound comin in my ear..wat could it be?
it's like tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
and it's really very irritating i have most of the time? y is this so ? please answer.... thankyou....

Mr. Why
Someone mentioned tinnitus and they are probably right. Sometimes tinnitus is easily solved, but not always. You may need to see a doctor to help figure out what's causing it. Sometimes tinnitus can be caused by wax build up in that ear. The treatments here is NOT to stick anything (e.g. Q-tips) up in the ear since that will get some wax out, but push more wax further in, but rather to use ear wax removal drops until it drains naturally or else to have your doctor remove it. sometimes tinnitus can be caused by an ear infection and will clear when the infection is treated. Sometimes tinnitus can be caused by a blocked Eustachian (ear drainage) tube. This is usually due to nasal congestion and will resolve when the nasal congestion is treated. Sometimes tinnitus can be caused by inner ear problems like hearing loss and this usually requires some form of medical help. Sometimes you never figure out what causes tinnitus; it's just there for a while and then it's gone. Best wishes!

im not really sure, i know sometimes when im in like a dead silent room i can hear some kind of ringing noise, but im not sure if were talking about the same thing or not.

It could be God talking to you.
You may have a schizoid disorder.
There may be a bug in there also.

yea well i have this binggggggging noise its irratiting...its kind of like when a bell rings,,,and the rings echo

if you listen to loud music for to long you will hear funny noises

It's me----whispering sweet nothings. .Really they have a condition that causes that.I think it is called Tin Ear. Time to go to Doctor Dear. Byeee

The ringing in your ears is probably what is known as Tinnitus it can be brought on by several things such as noise, allergy,age, etc. I don,t think that they have a cure for it but here is a web site for you to look at www.t-gone.com/tinnitus. Hope it gets better.

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