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 Swollen finger turns purple!?
Well today in school I was playing the slapping game lol thats when people take turns slapping each other on top of the hand. Well after I played the middle finger of the hand I was using to slap ...

 bad sunburn?
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 can i drink beer the night before a blood test?

 Does Anyone Else Suffer From Numb Toes?
When I go out drinking (and wearing high-heeled shoes) I often find that I wake up the next day with the 3 middle toes on each foot completely numb (this often continued for several days afterwards).<...

 how do you get over anerexia and beat the habbit of bein a cutter?
my friend used to cuts why i want to know but i have had i big problem with bulimea and ...

 Is the little finger stronger then all the others? Including the thumb?
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 I know somebody that does not want to go back to college. He begins to cry and he says he hates it.?
How can I help him?
Additional Details
This happens everytime with him. For example after Christmas break he doesn't want to go back and after summer he doesn't want to go back....

 We have no medicine for an ear ache so how do we ease the pain of one?

 why do we have to stress?

 If poison is swallowed,what is the first step of care?

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I have a food addiction resulting from the need to feel full constantly....

 Blister on hand...HELP!!?
Hey, went rowing and got lots of blisters on my hands :( some of them burst during the session. I've got a blister on my finger that looks infected.
Its red, swolled and had watery yellow ...

 I got soap in my eye...?
Well last night, I was just washing my face when I got some soap in my eye... I read the label thing and t said flush with water, already kinew it, but I did that for about 20-40 minutes ( wasnt ...

 Help! stuck in a high, cant get out.?
i started to smoke weed when i was 14 and have been smoking a decent amount every weekend sense then. its been about a year now and i feel like im stuck in a high. like even the next few days after i ...

 At which point is it best to pop a boil or cyst ?
especially if there is a fear it may become too raw or tender....

 how can i find out to have ear wax on my ear?

 I'm about to lose my gov't health insurance at the end of summer what can i do for my child and I at 12.50 an

 the blood vein popped in my eye, what should I do?
I have a black eye and a blood vessel popped in my eye and now I have bloody spot in it what should I do so it will go away?please ...

 How long should i wait after i get burnt to go back to the tanning bed?
i laid wednesday and got burnt so bad i cried the next day. i didnt blister or peel....

 what is the fastest to heal a mosquito bite!!!!?
if you know the fastest home remedy to heal a bite please answer!!!...

how to get rid of a concussion?
i have dizziness spacey feeling blurred sight upset stomachand am a little tired

how do i get rid of theese feeling ugh :(

Jen H
Plenty of water or a cup of coffee, then take a rest sweetie. LOL

Do not go to sleep, Go to the hospital, Doctor...seriously, you need to go. If you don't believe me call 911 and ask them what to do. Especially if there is BLURRED VISION...that is a problem.

maybe those are symptoms of stress. try to have more rest

If you have hit your head that hard, and are that bad you need to go to the ER, right now. Call an ambulance...don't drive for pitty sake.

Gummys Girl
First have you seen the dr. Second if it has been more than 24 hrs you need to return to the emergency room now and if you havent see a physican yet you should do so now.. A concusion is nothing to mess around wiht. You can slip into a coma and not come back ie die.... GO to thE DR. Also you should be watched by a responsible adult for the first 24 hrs after this has occured.. they need to wake you every two hrs to make sure your still with us... TAKE CARE OF YOUR SELF...

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