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Matt R
how long should stitches be left in?

Your doctor should have told you, based on your injury. If you do nothing, they will eventually fall out.

Approx. seven days. And they must be removed or they will become embedded in the skin. They will not fall out on their own!!

Call the nurse at the clinic that stitched your wound. Some stitches are self dissolving and others are not. You should have been told at the time how long to leave them in and if/when to remove them.

It usually depends on how badly, what and where you injured yourself. The average is 5 for a flat area that receive minimal movement, such as the side of your face or your forearm. However, if the open are is on a knee or hand most doctor will leave the stitches in for up to 10 days to give the skin time to re-knit together. This way when the sutures are removed the area won't reopen. Make sure to keep them dry and clean. Check them daily for swelling or any redness that could be a sign of infection.

Usually 7 to 10 days.

Generally a week unless they are the type that dissolve on their own. Your doctor can advise you on this since there are a lot of different types of sutures. If you leave them in too long you can get something called a railroad effect where you will be able to see the holes that were left when the stitches were placed. This can be a permanent thing so have your stitches removed when recommended.

usually around 7-10 days. if you had an injury that involved stitches your dr should have explained to you how to treat them and when they should be taken out.

these will need to be removed b/c as the wound heals, the new skin will form around anything near it, meaning that the stitches could become embedded and will have to be surgically removed.

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