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I <3 MY sweet pea!
do you know CPR?

Yes, I just finished a course recently at the American Heart Association

not technically,but i could probably fake it.

yes i do. i took it at the red cross and will be taking it again soon through my fd explorer post. its very important and everyone should learn. please call your local red cross or fd( non emergency number) and find out when the next class you can take starts.

gene m
yes, I've known it for some time, from 1968 nad cerified several times


I am an american heart assoc. instuctor. also an EMT and taking a firefighter class right now. what do you want to know about cpr? I'll answer whatever questions you have.

Yep! But I forgot kinda. So I might not be too good at giving it. Plus, I'd be scared to get sued or get in seriously trouble.... I also know some first aid....

I do care!
Need to keep it up to date for work and voluntry services for myself.

And Endorsed Registered Nurse is an Australian Medication Endorsed Registered Nurse Division 2

Yes -- in fact, I did CPR on a patient 4 days ago.

Yes, I've been certified and re-certified for more than 8 years now and a first responder and first aid as well. It's a requirement to work in human services.

yes, im actually starting to work for a company called health educators, and ill be a CPR instructor

Dr Universe

Yes I certainly do

Yep....got certified the first time when I was 15....now it's mandatory as I am a Registered Nurse.

Yes and have been kept up to date for the last 10 years, due to workplace requirements.

I am also a First Aid instructor and a Workplace Trainer & Assessor in Australia.

Nowing what to do in an emergency, means the difference in many people being still alive today, thanks to someone doing a CPR course, and being confident enough do CPR on someone who has collapsed, until emergency services arrive.

Yes, I have no choice, LOL
i've actually been certified since High Schoool

no....wanna learn it though


yupps =] i love saving lives.

First Aid certified
and EMT certification in progress


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