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 is it true that if a mosquito has already begun to bite, that you should let it bite you rather than shoo it?
I had never heard of this before a friend asked me about it, so I figured I would take a shot at finding an answer....

 Ice and Salt Burns? Help Please?
Me and my friend had a stupid idea to see who could hold ice and salt in their hand the longest. You put some salt in the palm of your hand and the put an ice cube on top and squeeze it in your hand (...

 While your in CNA training do they let you dress up a dead body?
I'm just really curious if its really true...My mom told me that her friend told her, that they do let you dress up a dead body while your in training to be a Nursing assistant....

IS ...

 Do Bee's Sting And What Kills Them?
theres a huge bee in my bedroom and i'm too scared to go back in there till its gone lol, do they sting and what kills them, i dont have any fly killer does deodorant work lmaoo??...

 sun burn that's bubbling up,whats best to use?
im in pain.i been using aloe vera.is there any thing els better to use?...

 Any advice about a scorpion sting?
Just got stung about 10 minutes ago, did not hurt nearly as bad as I thought, it mostly just itches. It looks like its a bark scorpion, the most venomous in north america, but only 2 people have died ...

 Sunburn Blister Help?
I ended up getting sunburned on my shoulders. It was red and hurt that night so I took tylenol and put on lots of aloe vera. The next day the skin was still red, so I continued to apply aloe vera ...

 Why does my ingrown toenail still hurt after I've taken it out?
I've taken my ingrown toenail out successfully but now it still hurts. Can you please tell me why this is happening. I play soccer for a very high level and I need to train but I can't.

 How can I heal my cut extremely quickley?
I got this roundish cut on my foot about the size of a finger nail yesterday and soccer tryouts are tomorow and I would really like it if a scab came over night. There is a flap of a skin still there ...

 I got two stitches yesterday. Now there bleeding?
Yesterday afternoon, I got two stitches in my arm from my Dermatologist after getting a mole removed for the third time. I also got a band-aid over it too. Yesterday evening, it started bleeding, and ...

 i pierced my own caritlage now my entire upper part of my ear is red?
k so i pierced my own caritlage tuesday night, and now my entire upper part of my ear is red is that normal?? i cleaned my earring that i pierced it with in like Claire's earring solution or ...

 Help with a (maybe) infected cut?
I was playing softball two days ago and the ball actually cut my hand where the finger meets the hand. The cut is slowly getting worse. I can now hardly bend the affected finger and the wound is red ...

 im am wondering which is the most painful ear peircing?
the conch?

the rook?(i really want this one)

the snug?

the industrail??

or the tragnus??
Additional Details
the ...

 How long does it take for a burnt tongue to heal?
I burnt my tongue last night, and this morning its still numb and annoying. When will this go away?

 Bug bite or spider bite help!!?
3 days ago i woke up n found that there was a red spot on the right side on my peck under my armpit, when i touched it it felt sore so i thought it was a spider bite and nothing too worry about,

 My Earring back is stuck in my ear!?
i have 12g earrings. one of my ears are pretty swollen and i cannot get the back out like i did with my other ear. I was wondering what i should do? do you think i can just leave it there and it won&#...

 What is a good website for first aid?
I'm looking for something that has many different techniques to learn from to stay alive. Almost like a survival guide. Thanks in advance for your help....

 Can You Get Stitches Wet?
So I fell this past weekend at the grocery store and landed on a bottle of salsa. I sliced my palm/wrist area and got 6 stitches. I am a 26 year old baby that has never had any injury at all....I am ...

 i have this splinter on my fooot?
ok so few months ago i got this splinter stuck in my foot. my dad tried getting it out with a needle that has been cleaned with alcohol, but it was too deep then. so i ignored it for few days, and it ...

 how do you help the pain when you get really sunburned?
i was outside all day and forgot to put on anything and i was swimming and tubing. my sholders and back are cherry red and i burns like hell!!!!!!!!!
help ...

can you get carbon monoxide poison if your stove was leaking gas for about an hour?
at three in tha morning i realized i had left the gas leaking from my stove, should i be worried about carbon monoxide?

Open the windows to air out the house. You are not poisoned.

Mike J
no gas is gas like say propane. You could die from breathing propane but it isnt the same as conbom monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a colorless oderless and tasteless gas. It is a by product of burning fossel fuels like say gasoline. So unless the gas leak ignites and you breath in the fumes you are not going to get carbon monoxide poisoning.

you should air out your house, if your not feeling unwell you should be o.k, maybe stay up late just to make sure your 100% o.k

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