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 my daughter has a sore on her leg ,it looks like a blister has popped?

 I have 3rd degree burns all over my skin. Is there any way I can get it back to normal?
I'm tired of people calling me burnt face!...

 Why does peroxide foam as soon as it hits a cut?

 Nasty mosquito bites?
I have never really gotten bitten by a mosquito until this year, and the same thing with my sister. we don't know if it's because we used to completely ignore it, we didn't go out as ...

 is this a mosquito bite or a spider bite?
last night i was feeling very itchy and sore around my ankles and theres like a big red scab on 1 of them is this a mosquito bite or spider ...

 i got burned and the white part under my skin is showing, and will not heal. what do i do for this?

 Infected ingrown toenail question?.,?
So i had an ingrown toenail that Was infected.
I got rid of the infection on my own (extremely easy & painless)
but everything went away, the swelling- the pus- the pain- most likely ...

 Is my friend going to be okay?
he pierced it with a safety pin after it was soaking in mouthwash for a good 4-5 hours. numbed it with ice for a while then stuck the pin through then put in a substitute stud (actually an earring ...

 I have 5 stitches and need help?
What is the best way taking off 5 stitches other than going to the doctor to get them remove.
Additional Details
does it hurt when u take them off?...

 getting rid of a blister from a sunburn with out it being fully developed.. QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i got a really bad burn on my shoulders leading into my back and my mom said that i was going to get some blisters and i was just wondering if there was anyway that i could prevent blistering and ...

 mosquito bite… Throwing up and Diarrhea.... HELP!!!?
the other night I went up to that lake and more I have about 20 mosquito bites on my arms back and feet… now I have a really bad flu. Throwing up and diarrhea, I’m not feeling good at all…. Do ...

 Can someone please recommend something?
Well I always tend to chew on my lips, since I got braces I have been doing it a lot lately even until it starts to bleed. My lips look awful and gross and really hurt a lot now. C...

 Amoxicillin Overdose?
I accidentally took two 500mg of amoxicillin pills within 2 hours.
Should i be concerned?...

 Why do people that saves lives get the lowest pay?
Im talking about EMTs

They work the most critical life-or-death parts and get pretty crappy pay. Why is that?...

 Stung by a scorpion how long until I die?
Ha jk, but yeah iv been stung by a bark scorpion I dont feel sick or anything, Im thinking of cracking open a beer actually. It stings n itches a little on the bottom of my foot thats about it.

 How do I tell if I have a spider bite. What does the bump look like?

 how to heal bullet wounds by yourself?
just curious
Additional Details
i have always been wondering how to do ...

 Mosquito Bites?
How do you get rid of like 20 misquito bites that you cant find out how you got....

 There is water trapped in my ear what should i do? I havent went swimming for months.?
I think there is water in my ear. When I cover my left ear & tilt to the left it makes bubbling sounds. But to the right it makes the outside of my ear moist. What is wrong with my ear? oh & ...

 Baseball pitcher - Treating a blood blister?
I just pitched yesterday (saturday 4/28) and i got a blister on my middle finger. I'm pretty sure it's a blood blister because of its light purple color. I'm wondering if I should pop ...

Why does the skin around my cut turn white?
I have this small, but really, really deep cut on my hand. the skin around the cut is starting to turn white. Is this because the skin is dying?

the white around the cut could be a sign of infection!!
If it is you need to bathe it with some hot salty water (as hot as you can stand it!) or saline and keep it covered to prevent any more infection.
It's hard to pass judgment as I cant see it and i don't know how old the injury is.
But if you get any symptoms of infection such as a fever or, heat or redness at the sight you need to seek medical attention! Because a simple cut could have become a much more serious problem!!

Then again it could just be dead skin???

First Responder P. Roulette
the other guy is dumb... don't even bother reading what he has to say... The skin around your cut is white because the skin itself was disattached from your body. Either from the cut, or your body is shedding the broken skin off. In a way, you could simply cut the skin off, but I wouldn't suggest it. Another reason why is because it is new skin. Because you are tanned, new skin doesn't pop out new and tanned, that is why the skin is white. Eventually through time, your skin will smooth out and have a small scar, but your skin tone does not 100% even out.

If you got your shots, you dont have to worry about a small cut infecting you for that is nearly impossible. If it was a bit cut, like someone stabbed you with a kitchen knife, THEN that is something to worry about.

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