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 I got stung by a wasp or something!?
It looked like a wasp, about as wide as a thumb's nail, and it was black. I think it stung me first then it bit me, cause the first one hurt really bad, then the next two didn't hurt as ...

 Sunburned on nose so badly it stings to touch?
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 whats the noise in my ears like wind blowing all the time?
ive had this noise for the last few days, i have also been dizzy a few times too. do u think it could be a problem with my sinuses?
Additional Details
thanks for all the advice guys!...

 i'd like to quit smoking...i know different things work for different people?
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 what's the best way to stop the bleeding from a cut on your face after you shave?

 Would my cuts (that i cut myself) leave a scar?
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 just got the top of my ear pierced and ...?
IT HURTS like hell when will it stop ???...

 Did you know that people are buying breast milk on line?
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 what will you do if butterfly bites you?

 i was hit by a rock and got a black eye it got a little better haw can it get better?

 What is meant by trauma shock?
Describe all of the symptoms.
Describe in detail the first aid procedurs for trauma shock.
Please list your sources if possible....

 How can you get by on little sleep for long periods of time? (Especially want tips from parents of toddlers.)?

 i burned my finger, how can i help it not burn so bad?

 How do you lower your blood pressure and pulse?
What kind of exercises should I do?
What should I eat?

I need to lower it A LOT in 4 days. Any advice?...

 If the white of your eye gets punctured, how do doctors go about fixing it?

 Sunburn, Hot or cold shower?
I was once told that if you take a hot shower it will take the heat out of your sunburn. It does hurt when taking a shower, but I feel as if my sunburn goes away quicker and I don't peel as bad....

 How to get rid of sunburn overnight?
So my face is burnt on one side of my face and it hurts and looks stupid :S
is there anyway to get rid of it, or reduce it overnight?
Does drinking alot of water help ?

 IS A tetanus shot suppose to itch after you get it?
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 Poison ivy?
My dad has poision ivy....Does anybody know any poison ivy remedy....

 Wasp comes back for more...?
Hi i know this is a crazy question but i just had to ask it lol.

I keep getting the same wasp coming through my window i have got it in a cup and thrown it out but it still comes back. <...

LOLgirl <3
When i get a cut, it bleeds alot!?
lately i have notcied that i am bleeding more than usual when i get a cut. ( i am a kultz so i am prone to getting them!) A few days ago i cute my finger while picking up my binder (i dont know how that happened). it was bleeding alot when it happened, and it practically bled through the bandage. i assumed it was just a deep cut. at the end of the day, it was STILL bleeding when i replaced the bandage. and now, i just got a cute on my leg while shaving and it bled alot too! why is this?

Yes, you need to see your doctor and have blood tests.
in the mean time avoid citrics,garlic, aspirine, advil, motrin, ibuprofen, aleve, vit E.

one hot mamma
i agree with valleyviolet and Kal H. when in doubt, it's best to see a doctor

The Chairman Of Jazzy Films
your cutting alot of viens maybe

Timothy Y
This can be many things. Talk to your doctor soon. This can be serious or nothing at all.
Best Of Luck To You

see your doctor. theres a name for a condition where
ppl bleed alot from little cuts and it gets worse overtime
not trying to scare you but yeah

Robin B
I agree with all the answers. Have your doctor do a "bleeding time" its painless and helpful. My sons and I have what is called Von Wilbrands Disease. It is just a clotting time problem. Are your periods heavy? There is a binder like substance that surrounds the red blood cells,and the agent that causes clotting, Von Wilbrands is a disease of this agent. NOT deadly, but worth a close look, You have to be careful about aspirin and those type of things. Larger cuts need immediate attention. My son cut his arm, into the muscle and almost bled to death in the ER waiting room until I mentioned to the staff this problem. Alot of people have it, and it is not as bad as the other bleeding problem. Also,smaller cuts just seem to seep, legs are bad, the surface, or epidermis holds alot of capillaries....once they are cut, they need time to heal. Try keeping the area clean and dry, apply slight pressure and don't peek at it !
Ask mom to get you into the doctors for this test,also, anemia can do this. In the mean time, look up Von Wilbrands..it is amazing stuff..the name comes from a Czar in Russia who was first diagnosed with it..so, if you have it,you are, indeed Royalty.. !!!

Kal H
If you take any of the following, they may be contributing to slower clotting times: aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oils, ginkgo. If this persists, see an MD.

I agree somewhat with the person who said this could be hemophilia - normally this affects males, but there is a similar disorder that mainly effects women called Von Wilhelm's (or something close to that) you should really tell a doctor so you can be tested for the disorder.

What Robin says is true. I also have VonWillebrands, and it is hereditary.

It is actually a deficiency in one of the clotting factors. I would have a hard time believing this is your issue if you say this problem has developed, rather than always having issues with excess bleeding.

You may have begun a medication or herbal remedy which prolongs clotting time. Check with your doctor on possibilities.

Again, I doubt that you have any true disease as it would not have suddenly developed. If you hold pressure on a wound for a longer period of time you may have decreased bleeding. It sounds as though you are putting band-aids on right away and expecting that to control the bleeding. Try pressure and elevation, and put the band-aid on when the bleeding has stopped.

Also, if you have bled enough into the band-aid, then take it off the following day, in any case the bleeding would resume as the band-aid had become part of the clot. You take the clot away and bleeding will resume.

Medications and some conditions can cause a person to bleed excessively. You definitely need to see a doctor to rule out possible unknown causes.

Hemophilia is a disorder of your blood-clotting system. Clotting is the process by which your blood changes from a liquid to a solid state in order to stop bleeding.

There are several types of hemophilia. All types can cause prolonged bleeding. If you have hemophilia and you have a cut, you'll bleed for a longer time than you would if your blood clotted normally. Small cuts usually aren't much of a problem. The greater health concern is deep internal bleeding and bleeding into joints.

Hemophilia is a lifelong disease. But with proper treatment and self-care, most people with hemophilia can maintain an active, productive lifestyle.

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