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 I left butterfly stitches on my legs to long.?
I just had leg surgery almost a week ago. The doctors cut me in to different spots and put three butterfly stitches over each of them. I was only supposed to leave them there for a few days before ...

 Is the scrape on my knee infected?
I fell in the street the other day and totally skipped a few feet. The scrape on my knee doesn't really hurt that bad, unless i bend my knee real far. I have been applying neosporin, rubbing ...

 what should I do if I just spilled a bit of boiling water on my arm?
it's not that bad it just stings!...

 How to heal a jammed finger.?
I jammed my finger today in gym playing volleyball,its my pinky finger and it clicks every time i move it and i get a sharp pain what do i do?...

 HELP! My ear!?
ohkay so, i decided to take a saftey pin and put it through my ear. i didnt numb it. or anything. but i didn put my ear antiseptic or whatever its called all over the pin. it whent all the way ...

 exhaust pipe burn...help!?
i got an exhaust pipe burn on my leg,
the size of an egg. its been like 2 or 3 months. It doesnt hurt and its all better now except its very visible.
is my exhaust pipe burn permanent???<...

 Answer immediately please !!!!does epsom salt burn little cuts on my hand ?

 internal bleeding?
ok my stomach and back have been hurtin abd and so has my chest and when i pooped earlier it was a little black like grayish do i have internal bleeding and im 13
Additional Details
how ...

 what do you do when you get your lips stuck to ice and you pull off the skin on your lips?

 My inner ear itches!!!?
Any ideas how to make it stop? Also is putting hydrogen peroxide in it safe??...

 Centipede bite VS Spider bite ... Scorpion sting VS Hornet sting ...?
Centipede bite VS a poisonous spider bite :
which is more painful and which is more venomous?

Scorpion sting VS Hornet sting:
Which is more painful and which is more poisonous?<...

 Bump on my tongue?
I have a red bump on my tongue, and hurts when I swallow. I'm getting scared because I do not know what it could be. I can't really see it but I think it's a whiteish. Help!...

 Kitten Stung by a Bee?
My kitty was just playing around on our deck, and she tried to capture a bee. As soon as she pounced on it, she cried and jumped back into the house. I searched for the stinger, but was ...

 A question for anyone who works on or around an ambulance?
how can they tell if patients have important medical conditions that should be known, when being treated on an ...

 i fell on my knee from about 4 days ago and i landed straight on it and got a cut ?
I put alcohol on it and hydrogen peroxide and bandaids and so on but it keeps letting out a bit of liquid from the cut....also my knee feels like theres a layer of trapped blood in it and i have ...

 Fast help needed: Swollen hand from bite, red hand and red spreading up arm, what should i do?
I have a swollen hand, It is red all over my hand and has swollen up bad, the red is starting to make it's way up my arm

It was a very hard sting bite on my hand, it only had one bite/...

 Treating A Burn On the Index Finger?
The burn made the skin on my left index finger appear white on the side. What do i do?...

 I got drunk last night off of rum and vodka... I drank too much?
Anyways when i woke up this morning i have been puking and was wondering how long it usually takes to get over this sickness?...

 I have a huge *** cut and I want to take a shower. Should I wear a band aid?
..or should I just let the water and soap run on my HUMONGOUS cut and let it burn?...........let it buuuuuuurnnnnn ohh gotta let it burnnnnnn
Additional Details
ahh i just came back from ...

 What home remedy can you use for a sour stomach or nausea?

When's a good time to take the bandages off?
I just got shots.. When should i take the bandages off. and...


I always tell our patients to take them off when they get home. That way you don't get any skin irritations with it. The longer you leave them on, the harder it is to take off depending on the kind of band-aid. Depending on what type of injections you received, the pain in some injections go away faster than some. If you received a Tetanus, it may hurt for a day or two.

You can take your bandaids off anytime. They are only put on after getting an injection to sop up any blood that may come directly after the injection. Depending on what kind of immunization you recieved or where on your body you may notice some pain and tenderness in that area for a few days.

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