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 My lip is swollen, how to get rid of it?
I don't know how I got it?
I just woke up and my top lip was swollen?
Is there anyway to get rid of it?

Thanks (:...

 How can coaches tell if a player has a Concussion?
I am a volleyball coach and wanted to know how to tell if a player gets a concussion. I know if it is serious, they will get knocked out... but what are other signs if they don't go unconscious?<...

 How do i get rid of a bellybutton infection?
i got my belly button peirced 5 months ago
and ever since its been getting infected
no matter WHAT i do, i'v tried soft soap, hydrogen peroxide,
tea tree oil and a bunch of other ...

 How to remove poison ivy?
OK so i now i can't literally instantly remove it unless someone knows how to that would be much appreciated. But i want to know the fastest way of removing it, it burns and itches bad!


 Insect bites infected?
I have recently been out camping and I got bitten by so many mozees and sandflys I cant help scratching but now I have more control, but the bites have bled and are now scabbed over is it possible ...

 How do I care for a belly button/ navel infection?
I don't have a piercing but it's clearly infected. There are several red patches that are oozy and bleed a little when I clean it, but in the mornings there's a dark, crusty substance ...

 what is the quickest way to get rid of a cold??!?
i don't want to sleep all day, so i need something to help me quickly...,...

 Chainsaw Exhaust Smell Got Into House...?
I was in the bedroom, and my boyfriend was around the back on the house working on his chainsaw, well I heard him revving it up, and did not pay it any mind. After a few minutes I started to slightly ...

 Why Do I Need To Bite?
Since being a child, I have always needed to bite something for comfort. But recently, I need to bite something after many occasions, mostly after exercise. Seeing as I have only just realised this ...

 Ear piercing still bleeding after 3 weeks?
Okay, so i got a second piercing on both of my ears, (they were pierced on the ear-lobe, not the cartilage). It's been 3 weeks since I got it pierced and the left one is still bleeding. I'm ...

 Is there a way to cure a mosquito bite faster then letting it naturally heal?
I recently found 2 mosquito bite on my left arm and put rubbing alcohol on it and it seemed to subside, but 1 day later they reappeared and are back to itching like crazy. Is there anyway I can help ...

 Beatdine or iodine for treating minor cuts?
I've heard you can wash a cut in betadine or an iodine dilution.

Which do you prefer and why?

How do you make an iodine dilution?
Additional Details
I've ...

 How to heal a rug burn?
i have on i think from a cars set lastnight, how can i get it to heal?...

 What is the most likely diagnosis for a patient.. MULTIPLE CHOICE?
... who had a blow to the head the previous day, complains of blurred vision, tingling in the right arm, nausea, neck stiffness, and a severe headache?

a) stroke

b) heart attack<...

 there is a tiny black thing under my skin its swollen like a mosquito bite?
should I take in out with a sewing needle (disinfected)...

 Burn mark on my hand?
Hello there, earlier today I burnt my hand, and theres a red mark, will this go and turn into a scar, or just gradually fade away?
It stings a bit when I touch it....

 What would happen if someone drunk a 200ml bottle of calpol?

 Any Sunburn Treatments?
i have a sunburn and my friend has a worse one and we were wondering if anyone knows of some great treatments/cures for it besides ...

 What kind of Spider bit me?
I live in illinois. i was in a lawn chair by the pool when i felt what i thought was a bee sting on my leg. after a day i had a red shield shaped mark. The next day it looked like a huge blister that ...

 Help!!upper lip wax burn?
okay i waxed my upper lip yesterday morning and i noticed that it hurt more then normal on one side. i left it alone and went about my day. later that nite i notice that a part of my lip was still ...

What is the best way of cleaning a burn?
I was using a hot glue gun, and it was at an extremely hot temperature, smoking as it came out. I somehow touched my finger on the glue and it burned through the skin, it didn't stick it just burned. It didn't bleed but just hurt. It's taken quite a lot of skin off, deep. I put a plaster on it straight away and sprayed some burn ease on the plaster which helped. I had dinner then carried on and STUPIDLY did it again but not as bad on my hand, that didn't break skin put just blistered like mad. My finger is now swollen under the plaster and I'm wondering how to clean it. A bath or something would hurt like hell as it's open, but I'd of thought it'd need cleaning so it doesn't infect. It looks like a very thin layer of skin is formed over as it wrinkles if you push it together.

I know it's a bit of a stupid post, but I don't want an infected finger! Thanks!

TOOTHPASTE it seriously works its the first thing you should do after a burn xox

Kevin N
for that blister, you better leave it alone, but if you cant stand it use a sterile needle to pop it.
now for your finger,try baby oil.

Use sterile normal saline to clean it, and get the plaster off of it. You can apply saline gauze or vaseline gauze to keep it from drying, and if you are smart, you'll get medical attention.

Hi,its best to use a bandage as a plaster might draw it.I
would bathe it in salt water yes it will sting but it will help it to heal quick.Also they say keeps burns dry
Good Luck

Run under COLD water for at least 10 minutes. Do not put ointments on. Do not bandage or cover up. if serious or in doubt dial 999 or 112 and seek help on what to do.

The best way to clean is to boil a kettle, let the water cool and bathe. At this stage you may use an anti-infectant but may arritate.

Q's & A's is not the right place to get answers needed form professional subjected areas. Especially Medically Related Q's & A's

Rinse it with a gentle soap, then put polysporin on it and don't worry about it.

use an antiseptic to wipe it of then use it with a cloth to wipe it over OR use an antiseptic wound wash and spray it on your blister so that it can heal the faster way it can heal is to eat a balanced diet

Best first aid is running it under cold water. At that point, you could use any comercial burn ointment, but don't use oils or butter. A disinfectant would definitly help against...well infection, but it may also irritate the burn.

The best thing for burns is NOTHING. No salve, no spray, no neosporin - nothing. It needs air. Take a washcloth and lather it up with cool water and soap (zest or dial - nothing perfumed) and sqeeze the soapy water over the burn and then rinse it well in the cool water. Let it dry and try not to cover it whenever possible. Once it closes and starts to scab over, you can use anti-biotic ointment to help prevent a scar.

In the future, anytime you burn yourself - immediatly run ice cold water over it as long as you can. You may not realize it, but you're skin continues to burn and you need to cool it asap to stop it.

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