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 where is my nearest pharmacy open today?
In Marden, Coxheath, Paddock W...

 Any remedy for heat cramps?

 Insect bites?
I had a chicken pox, but it was not a bad one, so, after 4 weeks a few blister looking things came on my leg again, which I thought was chicken pox again. Anyway, one blister would come and by the ...

 ear cartilage problem, help?
i pierced my ear caritlage 3-4 months ago and since then i have taken out the stud and i am wearing a ring type. i have a lump on the back of my ear and on the front of my piercing. it doesn't ...

 Can you tell when a brown recluse bites you?
Today I was playing nintendo with a black throw on me...well when I went to put it down something fell off of it and i turned on the lights and it was a spider and i am 99.9% sure it was a brown ...

 I got Water in my ear?
today while swimming, actually it was right after i jumped off the high dive and i tried the whole alcohol thing...all i got was a burning in my ear sensation...it hurts REALY bad when i burp.......

 Does putting ice really help?
Like when u hit your head, foot or on sprains, or any other part of your body, you are always told to put ice on it. Why?...

 Swimmers Ear (outer ear infection)?
For about 4 days my pain was severe with swelling in neck and around ear; could not even touch ear ANYWHERE; bad jaw pain; also not getting too much sleep. Now that pain has subsided a bit I find ...

 Aside from cover cream, what is the fastest and surest way to remove a hickey from the skin???
in my experience, hickeys last a long time and i am trying to find a way to make them heal faster....someone said a frosty spoon but then why not ice??? HELLLLLP!!!!...

 Raw and PainfulSkin?
My daughter came home from Bible School last night with tattoo decals on her face. When she took a bath she literally rubbed her face raw trying to get it off. Had she asked me i would have told her ...

 smashing a mosquito on leg?
i was just recently out on my lawn and i saw a pretty fat mosquito on my leg... as it was biting my leg, i smashed the mosquito on my leg... As i looked at my hand and my leg i saw that there was a ...

 ant bite-pregnant?
I am 16 weeks pregnant and believe i got a ant or apider bite over the weekend.Yesterday i called the nurses on call and apparently i don't have any symptoms at all.
Should i get a tetanus ...

 please help ... lump above my ankle?
i have a lump right above my ankle , when i rub it it gets disappear and again it come when i start walking ,, is it something natural or something serious .. what should i do please help me!...

 Bee sting help/advice?
My friend got stung by a bee about an hour ago and she says it really hurts. She's not allergic, but she's never gotten stung before (she's 25) and she doesn't know what to do. I&#...

 How can a bloodclot be identifed?
Should I be concerned about the major bruising and pain I am experiencing after having blood work done?
The nurse had a very difficult time taking blood for my routine blood work on Monday. She ...

 How can I make my Band-Aid less slippery?
I couldn't think of a better way to phrase this question... I have a pretty deep cut on my thumb that I need to keep bandaged. Problem is, when I play basketball, the ball slips out of my hand a ...

 ant bites are painful!?
I just received one and it wasn't from a fire ant, but rather the black ones. But is wasn't those tiny normal black ones, it was this really humongous one, like twice or three times the ...

 What is the importance of doing first aid?

 Is it ok to put Neosporin...?
on a cut "down there"...

 Is it possible that i killed the Nerve's on my Big toe?
I was skateboarding(with a longboard) the other day, and for an hour ive been kicking on the asphalt with just flipflops on, and i think i pushed it and now i cant feel the front part of my bigtoe, ...

What happens when splinters are left in too long?
I got a splinter in my fingertip a few days ago, and I haven't picked it out yet... it seems like it's getting deeper. Why would this happen or what really does happen if you don't take it out? Why is this bad?

If you can get it out with tweezers pretty easily, do so.
If not, stop messing with it.
You'll just push it deeper.

Soak it in epsom salt and water, as one answer suggested.
It will help your skin to push it out.
After you soak it, go get some Neosporin and put a heavy coat on it.

Worst case scenario- it might get a nasty infection, in which case you need to get to the doctor ASAP.

If it doesn't work its way out in a few days, or if the pain gets much worse, call your doctor.








I don't mean to scare you, but these could be signs of a serious staph infection, which in some cases, if not treated, can be deadly.

Good luck!
Hope this helps,

It can get deeper but it can also get infected. I had one in for awhile and it got infected and there was puss and all kinds of grossness. I would get that out if I were you.

The splinter will either end up disappearing on its own,or the splinter will become infected.You can tell the splinter is infected if its red around the area that its in or it may hurt a bit.If you find out its infected get to a doctor so they can remove it.

I stepped on a toothpick at few years ago and half broke off in my foot.....best thing was soaking it in warm epsom salts water...it came out on its own after 4 days of pain ....good luck

Mystress L
Your body will recognize the intruder and begin to fight it. It will circle the area as to aid in preventing it from entering further. Then the white blood cells will start to attack it, causing the "puss". Eventually it will "push" the intruder out. If you can, soak it in warm water with Epsom Salt disolved in it. Then carefully use a tweezer to squeeze it out. I've had to use a needle at times, but if you're not comfortable with that then use your fingers to squeeze the area and work the skin with the tweezers.

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