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 why is taking a bath or shower so important?

 can anyone recommend the most helpful program for a 16 year old with drug problems?

 my ear piercing?
i had my ear pierced at the top in the cartilage over a year ago but a couple of days ago it got knocked out so i put a different one in which is real gold. it then was sore so i took it out and put ...

 sunburn help.................................?
wat are some ways besides aloe lotion to stop a really bad sunburn from burning i can barely move with out it ...

 I got a deep laceration on my lower leg, right side...?
...the cut is deeper than an average but no so deep I can see down inside my leg, probably 1/4 inch deep or so. It only bleeds when I am walking (I'm assuming because its pumping the blood) but ...

 my ear has been bleeding wat can have caused it????

Additional Details
its bleeding from inside i noticed this morning when i was cleaning my ears with a cotton bud!
i cant get an appointment til tomorrow!...

 Are boogers good for your health?

 does putting antibiotic ointment on a would prevent it from healing?

 I have a cut on my knee and some clear stuff is coming out is it infected?

Additional Details
It is actually a light yellowish color and when it dries is ...

 Brown recluse spider bite question?
Ok just to let you all know, Im not bit by one nor do I know anyone whos been bit.

Im just curious as to what treatments the er and doctors have to treat them. Most of the pictures I see ...

 why do I sometimes wake up with one eye being very dry and very painful??
it feels dry, painful...whether or not my eye is open or closed and takes several hours to feel ...

 What causes ear wax build up, can it be prevented,How to remove it ?

Additional Details
About every 6 months I go deaf and it takes a week or more to get the gunk cleaned out......

 who has tonsil stones?

 how do i find out what weight i should be for my height?

 HELP!! this is an emergency
i have a craving to eat nails, screws, and glass

Additional Details
im 13
im not ...

 Help! What do you do for a bee sting in the eye?
I was just now mowing the lawn when I was dive-bombed by a bee that stung me right on the upper eyelid. I managed to remove the stinger with a pair of tweezers, but it hurts and my eyelid is ...

 Why do I feel cold? My arms are kind of cold although it's warm today??
Maybe it's where I am? (No Air conditioners or anything though)...

 Do you think too much sleep makes you even more tired?
I think maybe causes ...

 How do I know I'm smart?
I really don't know if I'm smart or not...can you help me find out?...

 A blood vessel in my eye kind of burst, I guess. You can't really tell, but is there any way to repair it?
It's on the whiteness on my eye closed to the cornea....

What dose it mean when your nose starts to bleed every time you get upset?
Every time i get crying really hard or angry or any type of stressful emotion. either my nose starts to bleed or I feel like i need to blow my nose and its actually blood. I have tried to search for it on the net but all i can find nose bleeds from inguries.I have never ingured my nose.I have no idea at all what it could meanand it's scaring me quite a bit. No sarcazim please i'm being serious.

Your getting to upset..

Definitely see a doctor

Its either your blood pressure or you are breaking the blood vessels in your nose.

You should see a doctor about this. That is not normal. It could possibly be the sign of a serious disease or cancer.

Hi, my answer might sound odd, but its from an eastern perspective. My main source of income is from my Traditional Chinese Medicine practice. Crying, anger, and stress are all signs of yang influences. Character traits of anythign Yang include the following: change, heat, movement, upward or outward motions, and light. Stress and the other yang influences that you get tend to increase the amount of heat that your body generates, espeacially in the lungs and air passages, espeacially your nasal passages. When your nasal passages heat up too much they dry out and can crack open. This is why you notice nosebleeds around the time of your greater stress. The cracking of the nasal passages can happen very quickly because your exhaling of breath is one of the main ways the body dispells heat, and during and immediately after stressful times will be when you are most overheated. Think about a time when you got into a heated arguement with a friend or family member, you probably felt a little feverish. In actuality you're warmer than you realize because the adrenaline in your body is preventing you from feeling the full effects of the heat. When this happens you're best bet is to put some cool water on your skin or a moist towel. Nothing too cool, and don't drink or eat anything ice cold, this will cool your core temperature too much and cause you to overheat een more. This is also why people at state fairs tend to passout after eating icecream to try and lessen the heat. I hope you found this helpful.

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