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 Blood Poisoning?
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What do you think is the most effective way to calm your tongue after eating hot and spicy food?

drinking water helps me

Nainesh P
cold tomato sauce and then wash it down with water.

Wonder Guy
take some sugar

Drink anything cold

if the fud is really to tasty in which u forgotten thats the fud is very hot den i m sure on that time it doesnot matter whether it was hot & cold on that time u just want that fud inside ur mouth & feel the present situation

Jumping Sun
I drink lemon water after eating spice food.


Ice, ice cream, milk, water, etc., anything cold.

put some ice on your tongue or drink lots of water.

water usually helps ... but some say that drinking milk may help

Arina G

don ven
If its unbearable best is very cold water,Ice cream is good if u don't wanna keep ice water in ur mouth

I <3 the Holidays
I vote for milk. :)


* Do a bit of research on the different spices used in foods and their health hazards and benefits. For instance, cayenne pepper (which is very hot if overused) has been shown to improve heart health.
* If you eat something that is overly spicy, have a glass of milk handy. Milk will more effectively relieve the burn on your tongue than water. The reason for this is that the burn is caused by oils in the spices. Milk washes away the oils; water doesn't.
* Sugar is also useful for killing heat, although it isn't as easy to consume in large quantities as milk.
* Yogurt can also be pretty handy in cooling your stomach down after eating spicy food. It brings down the body temperature, making it easier for your body to handle the food and you will have fewer problems the morning after. Plain is best, but a cup of vanilla will do also.
* It can be helpful to incorporate new spices into foods that tend to mask or dilute the spice, like a sandwich or a soup.
* Spicy soups can speed up the adaptation process, due to the constant contact with the mouth. If you put very spicy spices in it, it won't taste as spicy as you would think it would be. Since there is liquid to cool it down, if you don't have a liquid to cool it down, it will be spicy.
* Milk can help reduce the pain from spicy foods.
* Take note that the spiciest parts of hot peppers is their veins and seeds. The actual flesh of the pepper is not very spicy. You too can be cool by chomping on the flesh of a Habenero while your friend gets black eyes from not avoiding the white veins and seeds.

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