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i have a newly periced ear and its getting infected... what should i put on it... salt wateR??? rubbing achohol isnt working....

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they did a spinal ...

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I don't think it is serious enough to go see a doctor....

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Little Polish Princess
What do you do when you feel like you are going to pass out?
I have not been feeling good all day. For the past couple hours I have been dizzy and lightheaded but now I feel like I am going to pass out. I am not home alone, my husband is here and he knows how I feel and won't let me leave the couch unless he is right there. I have a good husband. Is there anything I can do to stop feeling this way?
Additional Details
I didn't go to the doctor and i am not taking any medication except motrin which I take when I need it and have never had problems before.

1.You could be lacking red blood cells,which leads to anaemia. It mostly happens to ladies who have heavy periods.Try taking more Iron
2. Are you pregnant?Have you been to the doctor for a checkup? pregnancy can also lead to lightheadedness

But whenever you feel like passing out you should immediately lie down or squat down,and try to get some water.If you are walking in a small space or with any sharp items around then immediately get out of there,you could badly injure yourself if you fall.

Take alot of vitamins,and visit the doctor for a checkup !

well make sure your sitting down as much as you can; you dont want to fall and hit your head or anything.
drink alot of water to stay hydrated. if your light headed because your sick, then makes sure your taking your medicine and that your doctor knows that your getting light headed.
if you havent told your doctor about it then you probably should

That can be a symptom of pregnancy. Maybe you should take a test if its a possibilty because that is the first thing the doc will want to rule out. Definitely sit down so you don't fall and hit your head should you pass out. It could be blood pressure related. Low BP can cause you to feel faint and pass out. You should eat something if you haven't because that can also cause faintness. If you continue to feel bad you could always call the paramedics to come out and check you to see if you should go to the hospital. They will check your vitals and BP and tell you if you should be concerned. I know in my city there is no charge for them to come out and do that unless you are transported by a private ambulance.

stop hitting the blout

Let's do what the doctor will probably do. Think about when you last ate and what it was you ate.
Then, think about your liquid intake.
Obviously, you are a lady, so the possibility of pregnancy could arise. I don't know your age, but if you are in that condition, you could put the cause down to that.
Either way, you should be attending the doctor's office as soon as possible. Feeling dizzy, and often nauseous is a sign that all is not well and a doctor can run tests to ascertain the cause of the problem.
Don't put this off. I know there is always an underlying fear of attending a doctor when you are uncertain of the cause, but when you do attend, tell him you are very afraid of what is happening and he will consider this when he treats you. A good doctor will be gentle with you and will also tell you what is happening while the tests are carried out. You will feel a lot less anxious if you make that appointment.

Maybe drink or eat something. When I get light headed it's usually because I haven't had enough to eat or drink.

Drink and eat something. Sometimes your brain doesn't get enough water, and it makes you dizzy. Lay down for awhile with a cool cloth on your head, and maybe take a nap. Tylenol may also help it. If you start feeling really, really bad, go to the clinic to get checked out.

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