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 Can I go swimming with a first degree burn?
I'm not exactly sure if swimming will promote scarring, especially because the burns are on my face. (don't ask) I need an answer for both chlorinated and salted pools. It would help if ...

 Can someone identify what kind of spider bit her?
My sister got bit the other day by a spider. There are two black holes. I have not seen them yet. She has told me that the spot is bruised to about the size of her fist. She said it has red streaks ...

 Is there anything I can put on me to prevent poison ivy?
I am wanting to cut some cedar trees down and where they are there is nothing but poison ivy. Is there any thing as for as a cream or spray that I can put on me to prevent this poison ivy....

 what can I do for ear swelling?
I had my ears cleaned out at the doc's place a couple weeks ago because I couldn't hear. It was great at first but now I can't hear again and I have some swelling. The swelling isn�...

 where can i find kendall curity plastic spot bandage?
or anything similar to it...
round and very ...

 I'm not sure if this is an ingrown toenail or not..help?
I usually know what ingrown toenails feel like..so I'm kind of thinking I don't have one..but then again I don't know.

Last night (I know this is gross) I had skin or ...

 Can you get sunburned spots?
Im very fair skined and i had gotten burned pretty bad about a week ago on my legs. I noticed that about yesterday i was getting these little red/blood spots everywhere. Ive been putting aloe on for ...

 Nail pushed into finger...?
I recently knocked my pinky finger into a desk. I didn't think much of it when it happened, but the day after I noticed the nail was slightly pushed back into the finger and there's a ...

 mosquito bite on the eye?
ok well, yesterday i noticedd that i had a bump on the eye, at first i thought it was just a sty so i put a tea bag on it and some polysporin...noww today i wake up and it is huge and not only a ...

 What kind of bite is this.?
My son woke up this morning with a spot on his leg it was red circle then white and then had like a puss pocket in the middle it busted on its own. And clear fluid came out of it. He is not sick from ...

 Can you swim with a ear piercing infection?

 I used one of the ear swaps yestarday and know my ear is clogged!!??
whyyy...... i didnt fracture my ear or anything did i. u see when i first put it in, it was wet with water, than im like ughh my ear clogged, thinking that it would unclog. thinking it did unclog i ...

 I did not see what stung me, but I had 2 spots, 1 I think had the stinger. Can a bee sting twice?

 How can I get my thumb to stop burning?
Basically, I grabbed something fresh out of the oven and the palm-side of my hand suffered. Now, this was about 5 hours ago, and my other fingers stopped hurting, but my thumb is still like throbbing/...

 i burn my hand with a straightener and it look like this :[?

will i be scared or will it go away?
i burned it because i was in a hurry to go somewhere early in the ...

 what do doctors use to make the surface slippery?
it deals with infusion. please help. Thanks a million beforehand!!!...

 liquid coming out of a bug bite ?
ill be scratching my bug bite every time and then theres this clear white liquid coming out
is it the bug saliva that injected in me ?
Additional Details
its not infected cause its ...

 Is there anyway to get rid of a blister overnight without popping it?
I didn't realize my shoes were too tight until I got into the bath and now...well, there's one of those blisters with fluid inside it on my heel.

I'm really phobic of pain, ...

 So what do i do with a Heat Rash?
so im pretty sure i have a heat rash ( red little like pimples on my arm, circled around each other) and it doesnt burn or hurt its just hot, when i touch it. Ive had it for about now 4 days, and its ...

 My ear is really bothering me!?
I just got done with a swim meet yesterday, and ever since, my right ear has been bothering me. It's a little hard to hear out of it because everything sounds half-muted. I'm a fairly new ...

What do i do if my ear swells after Gauging?
So i went from a 4 to a 0 and my ears were fine and two weeks later i gauged them both to a 00.. I waited about a month or so and streched them to 7/16 and my left ear is fine and i can take it out and slide it back in with ease... But my right ear is swollen and the back of it is torn up... so i took out the plug and this yellow gunk came out and i couldnt put the plug back in cause it hurt to bad.. When could i stretch it back up to a 7/16?

You should go back down a size and wait longer. My understanding is you're supposed to wait at least a month between size changes when the rings are that big.

well, sounds like you're rushing the stretching, especially going from a 4 to a 0 and then 00 to 7/16 in such a short time. if it hurt's too bad to put the plug back in, i'd try to put the 00 back in (if ur able) and do sea salt soaks. the yellow gunk is probably a sign of infection. so i'd try to get a smaller plug back in there, do some sea salt soaks a couple times a day, keep it as clean as possible, DO NOT TOUCH IT WITH YOUR DIRTY FINGERS lol, and just monitor it pretty closely for a couple days, if it shows some improvement, keep with the routine until all is well. if it doesn't get better or starts getting worse, go check with your local piercer and see what they say. or go to your doctor and get on some antibiotics. also, if you could get your hands on some H2ocean, that would help, that stuff works wonders with infections.. you can get it online at www.h2ocean.com but a lot of piercing places carry it too, and you'd def. be able to get it faster that way. anyway, hope that helps some. good luck on future stretches, take it slow!

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